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Jimmy Palmiotti Takes Painkiller Jane to Icon
In a recent interview, Jimmy Palmiotti announced he was taking the Painkiller Jane property over to Marvel's Icon Imprint The art on the four-issue series will be split with Juan Santacruz drawing the main story and Sam Lofti will draw the back-up story focusing on Jane's origin Paul Mounts will be providing colors for the[...]
Fatale – The New Ed Brubaker And Sean Phillips Comic For 2012
In the final (and rather wonderful) issue of Criminal: Last Of The Innocent, out this week, Ed Brubaker talks about his and Sean Phillips' next project for Marvel's Icon imprint, in the back. It's called Fatale. Brubaker says; Fatale is a bigger story, one that'll run at least 12 issues, and I think it brings a new twist[...]
Jonathan Ross And Bryan Hitch To Create Comic For 2012?
pitch or a synopsis, I'm told by the kind of person who should know that Bryan Hitch's project will written by British broadcaster and comedian, Jonathan Ross. Ross has already co-created the comic book Turf for Image with Tommy Lee Edwards for Image, and the pair have a superhero project to follow that, Golden Age. Bryan Hitch[...]
A Pint And A Proposal?
Their 4/11 story about Mark's ancestors for Marvel was the last time. Mark has been hinting at another major creator-owned series with a world class creator for next year. And it might amuse Mark to nick Vincent back from his rival Grant Morrison. Can we start speculating about a Marvel Icon series by Mark Millar and Frank Quitely[...]