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You Can Help Decide The Alternative Cover Art For Doom
Nothing that really suggests Doom. However, there will be an alternate flip side cover art to the game, and the best thing is you get to help decide which one it will be. Here are the the options: id Software has been working on some #DOOM reverse sleeves Here's Option A (Poll Incoming) — DOOM (@DOOM) March 3,[...]
Developer Claims Doom Wil Run At 1080p 60fps On Every Platform
In fact, there a lot of cases where that isn't true. It will be for Doom though, or at least that's according to developer Id Software In a post on Bethesda's site, Lead Project Programmer Billy Khan made the promise that every single version of the site will achieve that benchmark He said: We want players to wonder[...]
Doom's Single Player Campaign Is Going To Be 13 Hours Long
I hope Id Software have figured out something great to do with the gameplay, to keep the game feeling fresh. Game length is a hot topic nowadays, with some games only lasting three hours and others lasting hundreds It seems what feels like the 'sweet spot' of the 15 hours game has actually become a[...]
Bethesda Called Upon The Doom Developer To Get Gun Fighting Right
In this video released by the developer, director Todd Howard has revealed that the company called Doom developer id Software for some tips Take a look right here: can't be loaded because JavaScript is disabled: Fallout 4 – Player Freedom in an Open World (PEGI) ( Hopefully this does sort out some of the game's woes going[...]
Doom Dev Says That They Want To Be The Best Looking Game 'At 60 FPS And 1080p'
The graphical fidelity of the game was seriously staggering, and the work Id software had done to bring the iconic Doom gameplay to the new generation of consoles…I have to say, It exceeded my expetaction. When talking to GameSpot at QuakeCon, the game's executive producer, Marty Stratto said that this was a mission statement of the[...]
Doom Creator Says Modders Should Be Paid For Their Work
I've pointed out my stance, that I think they absolutely should be, but I understand the other side of this discussion. Doom creator John Romero has now waded into the argument, saying that not only should modders be paid, but his old developer id Software tried to implement it way back in 1995 Speaking to,[...]