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Guardians Of The Galaxy Has Best Late Night Opening Of 2014
This is up substantially over the original $60 to $65 estimate that was being used earlier in the week. $1.9 million of last nights take came from the 354 IMAX screens which makes it the biggest pre-release (overnight) opening for an August IMAX film ever and puts it behind only Iron Man 3 for IMAX pre-releases[...]
Grauman's Chinese Theater Becomes An IMAX Cinema, See A Video Of Its Transformation
One of London's oldest and most prestigious cinemas is currently going through a renovation to turn it into an IMAX cinema and it follows in the footsteps of Hollywood's most famous cinema, Grauman's Chinese Theater. Not only is Grauman's the most famous cinema in Hollywood, it may well be the most famous cinema in the world[...]
Elysium To Be "Remastered" For IMAX, Will Hit Worldwide On August 9th
Neill Blomkamp's sophomore effort is going to be one of the highlights of my movie going summer, and as of today, it looks like I have another, rather large viewing option. In a press release, it was revealed that the film will be following in the footsteps of many others by getting remastered into the IMAX[...]
Warner Brothers Sign Twenty Film Deal With IMAX
Patrick Dane writes for Bleeding Cool With each passing year, we see IMAX cinema listings starting to look more and more like a 'normal' cinema's schedule. And it doesn't look like the growth of the format will be stopping anytime soon, with IMAX and Warner Brother striking a deal for twenty films over the next three years. This[...]
The Bleeding Cool Review: Raiders of the Lost Ark, IMAX Size
Temples, Raiders, Lost Arks – you almost certainly know the story and there have been many more qualified than me to review the actual film so, instead, I will just try and assess the up-scale conversion to the IMAX format. By and large, this IMAX version does exactly what it says on the tin It's Indiana[...]
Here's The Nifty IMAX Poster for The Avengers' Midnight Screenings
Zack Parks writes for Bleeding Cool. Following the midnight poster tie-in for John Carter at IMAX cinemas, they've done it again for The Avengers. This brand new, illustrated poster will be given to audiences who attend screenings of The Avengers at midnight on May 4th. I like this better than the official "clearly photoshopped" mess we got for a real[...]
FCBD 2012: IMAX And Larry's Comics of Lowell, Massachusetts
IMAX cinemas will promote Free Comic Book Day 2012 to their email subscribers and on their website, as well as tweeting, Faceboking and the like, in association with their Marvel Marathon running before the midnight release of Avengers the day before Free Comic Book Day. Larry's Comics of Lowell, Massachusetts, will have David Petersen, creator of[...]
IMAX Outlines New Strategies, Sets Sights on Fanboys' Wallets
Linda Ge writes for Bleeding Cool. If you enjoy paying more money for a bigger screen and better sound at the movies, you're in luck! Giant screen exhibitor IMAX has found its target audience, and it has many things in common with the internet population Fanboys are where it's at, they've discovered, and plans are accordingly underway[...]