The Science of Inception

Are the events portrayed in the film Inception even remotely possible, in any respect? Your immediate gut answer probably depends on your interpretation of the film and how much of it you think can be taken on face value.The New Scientist, inspired by the film, have set out to answer the following questions:Is it possible[...]

Bleeding Cool at the Inception Press Conference

Chris Nolan's Inception is released in cinemas across the UK and US tomorrow today Promotional activity has been a global blur, but we did manage to get a focus on the press conference that was held in London for the movie I've been listening to the audio recording of that conference, looking to pull out[...]

Dreams Come True: Win Inception Merch

Here's a reward for you, for being so nice - a competition that could net you one of three Inception goodie bags.Two of them will contain: An Inception-style spinning top; A copy of the soundtrack; A Hat; A Grey V-Neck; A Men’s "Spinning Top, Next Level" T-Shirt; A Ladies’ T-Shirt; A Key Ring. And a third will contain all of that plus: A Morph[...]

Inception Review

Ben Mortimer has been to see Inception for us It sounds like he enjoyed it rather a lot, but not without finding flaws Here's his brisk write up, for your interest: While there are many, many layers to Inception, at its heart it’s a heist movie We begin with Dom Cobb (Di Caprio) in the middle[...]