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Infinity Countdown #3 cover by Nick Bradshaw and Morry Hollowell
This battle isn't looking good for the Guardians and Nova, and the Corps decides to pull out of the conflict. Infinity Countdown #3 cover by Nick Bradshaw and Morry Hollowell Gerry Duggan is widely known as a comedy writer thanks to, most recently, Deadpool He brought some of these comedic instincts to his Guardians of the Galaxy,[...]
Infinity Countdown #2 cover by Nick Bradshaw and Morry Hollowell
Afterwards, this contingent of the Guardians of the Galaxy, Star-Lord, Ant-Man, Gamora, Rocket Raccoon, Groot, and Nova Richard Rider, rejoins Drax the Destroyer and Eve at the Power Stone in the hopes of halting the Chitauri horde and the Shi'ar Talons. Meanwhile, Adam Warlock goes in search of the Soul Stone. Infinity Countdown #2 cover by Nick[...]
green hornet
Here are some of the notable releases of this week, and here's a link to ComicList for those who want the full list. Doctor Star and the Kingdom of Tomorrow from Dark Horse, the fantastic Mech Cadet Yu's next installment comes out of Boom! Box, Deathstroke from DC, X-Men: Red #2 and the actual Infinity Countdown #1 from Marvel, and Image's Gideon Falls by Jeff Lemire and Andrea Sorrentino. I like to be[...]
Infinity Countdown
Face front, true believers! Marvel has heard your complaints: there aren't enough super-mega-crossover events, and the super-mega-crossover events Marvel does publish aren't "big" enough! That is what you've been saying, right? Well, Marvel is finally going to do something about it! The publisher released a trailer for the upcoming super-mega-crossover event Infinity Countdown, a five-issue mini-series,[...]
Infinity Countdown Prime
Despite that reputation, Robinson rolled out a narrative that ponders how far a hero should go to save lives, and it doesn't take the easy way out. Infinity Countdown Prime cover by Mike Deodato Jr and Frank Martin Loss: Infinity Countdown: Prime and the Case of the Spit-Roasted Eyeball Infinity Countdown: Prime was a shockingly awful read[...]
Marvel Reveals Infinity Circuit Diagram to Help You Understand Infinity Countdown Event
In order to help readers figure out what's going on in their upcoming super-mega-crossover event, Infinity Countdown, Marvel has helpfully released an engineering diagram explaining the current status of each of the infinity stones and what functions the stones perform Marvel announced the diagram in a press release. Who Holds Infinity? Find Out With the INFINITY CIRCUIT! Separately,[...]
The Hunt for Wolverine Begins: Marvel April 2018 Solicitations
The Hunt for Wolverine is on, everyone gets a Venom 30th variant, and Josh must face the world without a currently running Luke Cage title. INFINITY COUNTDOWN #2 (OF 5) GERRY DUGGAN (W) • AAARON KUDER & MIKE HAWTHORNE (A) Cover by NICK BRADSHAW VARIANT COVER BY RON LIM VENOM 30TH VARIANT COVER BY TBA CONNECTING VARIANT COVER BY AARON KUDER (2 OF 5) SUPER SKRULL[...]
Guardians of the Galaxy #150 cover by Alex Ross
For all we know, Gamora, Drax, and Rocket still all hate Star-Lord's guts. Regarding those last two points, I am aware that Infinity Countdown is serving as a continuation to Guardians of the Galaxy and may have originally been issues #151-155 Those plot points are still loose ends that could have at least been acknowledged in[...]