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Marvel's Spider-Man Screenshots April 18-5
It looks like Insomniac Games is going to be making Marvel's Spider-Man out to be a game for Spidey fans of all eras In a new tweet on the PlayStation feed, the company showed off a new video that looks like a modern-day internet news report, with still-frames from the game Included in those images is[...]
You'll Be Able to Try Marvel's Spider-Man at San Diego Comic-Con
If you're at San Diego Comic-Con this week, you're going to get an opportunity to play a little of Insomniac Games' next title Marvel's Spider-Man on the floor Before SDCC happens next week, we're now learning the finer details of what the few games companies attending will have in store for people attending Marvel released a[...]
Marvel's Spider-Man
While Spider-Man is an iconic figurehead in the Marvel universe and has had an interaction with practically every character on the face of Earth-616, it looks like the new game will be limited to what we've seen on Earth-199999. A fan asked Insomniac Games' creative director Bryan Intihar as to whether or not we'd see the[...]
Marvel's Spider-Man for PlayStation is Tackling the Sinister Six
Or, at least, a new version of the group. credit//Insomniac Games As the trailer progresses you get four of the regular members in the form of Electro, Rhino, Scorpion, and The Vulture At a specific point, you hear five of his biggest enemies have been broken out, but they don't say who the fifth is, and then[...]
Insomniac Games and Oculus Studios have teamed up to make an open world VR game where you play as a robot journeying through an "ever-changing cloudscape to augment yourself and save your friends." Because Stormland just cannot help the Wall-E vibes. The trailer shows the player character flying over clouds, scaling cliffs, and fighting against enemy robots. Stormland should[...]
sunset overdrive
Sunset Overdrive may be headed to PC as a new version of the title has been spotted on international ratings boards. Sunset Overdrive was a neat little
Your Spider-Man PS4 Adventure will Start with a Prequel Novel
Titan Books, in conjunction with Marvel and Insomniac Games, will publish two tie-in books for Insomiac's PS4 Spider-Man exclusive game The first book will be Spider-Man: Hostile Takeover, and will be a prequel to the game The first book will be written by David Liss, whose prior works include The Ethical Assassin and Black Panther: the Man Without Fear. The news[...]
Spider-Man PS4
Insomniac Games and Sony have finally revealed the release date for their long-awaited PS4 exclusive Spider-Man game, which means its time to start keeping track of everything we know about the game so far Thankfully for us, Game Informer has a ton of information on the game after a lengthy period of silence, which means we've got[...]
Spider-Man PS4
Thanks to a twitter thread, Insomniac Games has hinted that we're getting the Release Date for their Spider-Man PS4 exclusive tomorrow as part of GameInformer's exclusive month-long Spider-fest Just a few hours ago, one fan asked Insomniac if the game was delayed after the GI exclusive game footage featured Alpha footage Insomniac's Twitter team responded, saying that[...]
Spider-Man PS4
But the fact that we're seeing a date this far out for a game this big is almost unheard of. There's really nothing to dispute the reality of it, as that looks like a genuine cover with the PEGI age info on the front, along with the Marvel and Insomniac Games logos Chances are this was going[...]
Spider-Man PS4
The first gameplay was shown during the Sony presentation at this year's E3, and the fan response was highly positive. Here's the new teaser trailer for the upcoming Insomniac Games-made Spider-Man PS4 game: TEASER TRAILER FOR #SPIDERMANPS4! That's today's #seeeekrits revealed! SO MANY COOL THINGS IN HERE! MILES! FISK! SHOCKER! THAT COMBAT! — Ryan Penagos (@AgentM) October[...]
New 'Marvel's Spider-Man' Trailer Shows Kingpin Battle
So it brought us a lot of joy to see this image come about yesterday: credit//Insomniac Games Yep, there's Spider-Man, battling against The Kingpin in the new PlayStation 4 game The trailer below, released by Sony yesterday, shows off a behind-the-scenes perspective with Insomniac Games going into the style of a title with a more experience Peter[...]