The New Justice League International

Spinning off from Justice League: Generation Lost, Bleeding Cool understands that we can look forward to a new, a very new Justice League International.Back in the day, Justice League written by Giffen and DeMatteis, became Justice League International, a global franchise superhero team and also the first, and possibly best, superhero sitcomic,It was the book[...]

Thor Gets Some British Posters

British posters for Kenneth Branagh's Thor? That's outrageous. He's Norse. Norse, I tell you. Whatever next – Black folks in Asgard? Oh, good. Panic over. See Thor in the second poster there? Seems that he's having his own version of the Nuremberg rally. All is well in the world again. Thanks, Empire. (Pun intended)

Look! It Moves! by Adi Tantimedh #86: Internationale Noir You Have Missed

Noir is a subset of the crime genre that has a certain appeal for people who want something grittier than whodunnits. They usually deal with paranoia, darker, murkier morality where the protagonist crosses the line, usually by committing murder, and may not get to come back, and most of all, sexual (usually male) anxiety as […]

San Diego Comic Con 2011 – EPIC Fail

Ticket sales for Comic Con International: San Diego 2011 are open The four day (with preview night) sold out at last year's show (which means now the only way to get into Preview Night at the show is to attend the previous show) andFour days for $105 full price, or single days for $37 ($20[...]

6am PT. 9am ET. 2pm GMT. November 22nd. Honest.

The day after my birthday, the internet will burn. Because this is the date, these are the times, at which tickets for San Diego 2011 will go on sale. Honestly this time. With servers getting ready to take the rush. So Californians, wake up on time. New Yorkers, get to work early. Brits, don't have […]

Francine Burke Leaves DC Comics

I understand that Francine Burke, international licensing manager at DC Comics was dismissed from the company two weeks ago Francine had worked at the comics publisher for eighteen years and for several years at Marvel Comics before that.No official reason has been given, but there has been a noted tendency at DC Comics to remove[...]