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First Interstellar Teaser Poster
It looks like Christopher Nolan will be pushing for humans to leave Earth behind in Interstellar, judging by the first teaser poster released today. "Mankind was born on Earth It was never meant to die here." Generically sci-fi and vague enough that we still know nothing about what the plot will be, but hopefully the trailer that's[...]
Are We Ready For Plenty Of Sci-Fi And Pirates in 2014?
However, each death and "reboot" offers him new insight on the possible future and ways in which he can affect causality, and possibly break the cycle. Interstellar Christopher Nolan has been stingy on the particulars regarding Interstellar All anyone really knows for certain is that it involves the discovery of a wormhole and a team of explorers[...]
Casting Roundup: Damon Goes Interstellar, Giamatti Heads For The Small Screen
• Not to be outdone by best friend Ben Affleck (or as he'll officially be known from now on: Batfleck), Matt Damon has two exciting developments: He's joining Christopher Nolan's already impressively cast Interstellar (with Matthew McConaughey, Jessica Chastain, Anne Hathaway and many, many others), and he's gearing up to direct his first movie,[...]
Official Plot Blurb And Cast Details For Christopher Nolan's Sci-Fi Film Interstellar
Jessy Williams writes for Bleeding Cool. The folks over at Paramount have announced that principal photography on Christopher Nolan's Interstellar has begun in Canada. In short, this means that shooting for the film has started with the cast and crew on-set; it is the point of no return, some might say Interstellar has an incredible all-star cast[...]