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Marvel Zombies Rise as New Marvel Legend What If…? Pre-Order Arrive 
More Marvel Zombies are here as Iron Man and Scarlet Witch have fallen to the virus sweeping over our world from the Quantum Realm Just like the Zombie Captain America, these figures are incredibly detailed with decaying parts, and gruesome head sculpts.  The Hasbro Marvel Legends team made sure to keep the What If…? Animated style[...]
Iron Man Confronts Winter Soldier with New Civil War Hot Toys Figure 
This time, an exclusive Iron Man has arrived, coming in at 12.8" tall, features 30 points of articulation and showcases the Mark XLVI armor In celebration of the new Hot Toys Official Flagship store in Shanghai, Iron Man is here to celebrate with this sweet new figure Iron Man will feature die-cast elements as well[...]
Iron Man Builds His Own Loki Armor with Sentinel’s Fighting Armor 
Sentinel is back with yet another Iron Man Fighting Armor figure as mischief arrives with the debut of Loki When the Fighting Armor line arrived, I thought it was Avengers suiting up in their own unique set of armor Over time, I have come to find out that the Fighting Armor line is Tony Stark[...]
Interior preview page from IRON MAN #22 ALEX ROSS COVER
Feeling bad about being crappy friends, Iron Man and War Marchine go on a road trip in this preview of Iron Man #22 Check out the preview below. Iron Man #22 by Christopher Cantwell & Angel Unzueta, cover by Alex Ross Tony Stark has worked hard to pull himself up by his iron bootstraps, and after a few[...]
August The 4th Is Now Bob Layton Day As Tampa Launch A Week Of Events
An apprentice to Wally Wood, he is best known for writing and drawing Iron Man and Hercules for Marvel Comics, co-creating the team X-Factor, as well as working on Batman  at DC Comics, co-founding Valiant Comics and becoming its EIC and SVP co-creating X-O Manowar, and in the last couple of decades, launching Future Comics[...]
Iron Man Mark III Armor Makes a Superhero Landing at Hot Toys
Hot Toys is taking Marvel fans all the way back to Phase 1 of the MCU with Marvel Studios' Iron Man Tony Stark is back, and in his iconic Mark III armor as Hot Toys announces a new 2.0 upgraded release This figure is not the same as the previous one as it features updated[...]
Mezco Toyz SDCC One:12 Reveals - Doc Ock, Conan, Owlman, and More!
The Mezco Con Summer Edition 2022 reveals consisted of: MezcoCon Reveal #8 – One:12 Collective Doctor Octopus  MezcoCon Reveal #7 – One:12 Collective King Conan MezcoCon Reveal #6 – One:12 Collective Lord of Tears: The Owlman MezcoCon Reveal #4 – One:12 Collective Iron Man – Silver Centurion  MezcoCon Reveal #3 – One:12 Collective Superman – Recover Suit #gallery-1 { margin: auto; } #gallery-1 .gallery-item[...]
Cover image for IRON CAT #2 PERE PEREZ COVER
Iron Man and Black Cat join forces to stop their mutual enemy! This is one team-up you do NOT want to miss! Marvel | Marvel Universe 6.61"W x 10.18"H x 0.04"D   | 2 oz | 240 per carton On sale Jul 27, 2022 | 32 Pages | 75960620377200211 | Rated T+ $3.99 Variants: 75960620377200221 – IRON CAT 2 MAYHEW PREDATOR VARIANT[...]
Hot Toys Debuts New XL Cosbi Figure with Avengers and Toy Story 
As for the Avengers, Spider-Man and Iron Man are ready to stop Thanos and add a little size to your growing MCU collection Both adorable superheroes are packed with detail and adorable poses making these perfect new figures for any Marvel fan The Hot Toys Cosbi line is only available in certain markets, but fans[...]
Cover image for IRON MAN #21 ALEX ROSS COVER
Iron Man must spring into action when a hijacker attacks the airplane he's riding in in this preview of Iron Man #21… but it's still better than having to make conversation with the stranger next to him Check out the preview below. Iron Man #21 by Christopher Cantwell & Angel Unzueta, cover by Alex Ross After his battle[...]
Beast Kingdom Debuts SDCC Exclusives with Iron Man and The Mandalorian
Just like previous versions of Mando, he is nicely articulation, and that shine on his armor is nice.  Up next is the blue Marvel Comics Iron Man Stealth Mode Egg Attack Action figure Standing 6" tall, Tony Stark is wearing some slick new armor featuring an "awe-inspiring indigo-blue." Iron Man will come with a secondary mask,[...]
Hot Toys Reveals Adorable Iron Man Cosbi Bobble-Head Collection
Iron Man is about to get some brand new adorable mini collectibles from Hot Toys There are multiple lines of collectibles, from Hot Toys starting with their iconic 1/6 scale action figures to their more adorable smaller Cosbaby line However, things get even smaller and more adorable with their mystery Cosbi line coming in at[...]
Threezero Debuts DLX Iron Man Mark 50 Accessory Pack
The Iron Man DLX collection continues to grow as threezero with an impressive lineup of 6" figures with die-cast elements Quite a few suits of armor have entered the collection with iron Patriot, Mark 3, Mark 46, and even the Hulkbuster One of the latest entries comes to us from Avengers: Infinity War with the[...]
Thor Wears with Own Iron Man Suit of Armor with New Sentinel Figure 
What If each member of the Avengers had their own unique set of Iron Man armor created by Tony Stark? Well, look no further as Sentinel's 6" Fighting Armor line continues as the God of Thunder has arrived Whether this is Thor is a suit of armor or a suit of Iron Man armor designed[...]
Hot Toys Deploys Exclusive Holographic Iron Man LXXXV Figure 
It can not be a Hot Toys event without at least one new Iron Man figure, and another one has just been revealed Hot Toy is getting ready for SDCC 2022 with their new set of Toy Fair Exclusive 1/6 scale figures Three figures have been revealed, including a new Iron Man figure giving MCU[...]