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Iron Man Mark 50 Infinity War Armor Comes to Life With Queen Studios
Coming out of the MCU blockbuster hit Avengers: Infinity War, Iron Man, is dining his Mark 50 armor set once again Queen Studios has revealed another MCU statue with a beautifully recreate design straight from the film An LED effect has been incorporated into the statue giving Iron Man fans a truly special collectible Placed[...]
Iron Man Mark 44 Hulkbuster Make its Landing At Queen Studios
Expand your Marvel Cinematic Universe collections with one of Iron Man's massive suits of armor the Mark 44 Hulkbuster suit is deploying into action as Queen Studios reveals their newest statue Limited to only 888 pieces, standing roughly 37" tall, this massive statue will be a towering centerpiece to any Iron Man fans collection The[...]
Iron Man Enters The Grid with New 4.0 Neon Tech Figures From Hot Toys
One of Hot Toys 2021 Summer Convention Exclusives was the Neon Tech Iron Man 4.0 version The figure shows Tony Stark as he enters The Grid with a black and orange luminescent design Hot Toys wants to keep collectors in the grid with more of their Iron Man collectibles in some of their other collectible[...]
Iron Man Suits Up With New Cosbaby Dioramas from Hot Toys
One of the coolest things to see Iron Man do on the big screen is suiting up His massive array of armor sets are just a wonder and seeing Tony Stark suit up is always a treat There has been plenty of hilarious, awesome, and badass suiting-up moments in the MCU Hot Toys is bringing[...]
Doctor Strange Gets His Own Iron Man Armor With Hot Toys
In one of the early drafts for Avengers: Endgame, Doctor Strange is going to end up getting his own suit of Iron Man armor Fans even get to see this in The Art of Avengers: Endgame book, and now he comes to life Thanks to Hot Toys, Iron Strange is ready to bless Marvel fan's[...]
Deadpool Steals Some Iron Man Armor Thanks to Hot Toys
Watch out Iron Man, there is a new man in the suit, and Deadpool is playing for keeps with this bad boy that is priced at $405 Set to relax between January – March 2023, pre-orders are already live for this beast right here Keep an eye out for more Hot Toys reveals with Doctor[...]
Return to the Beginning with Iron Man Mark I Hot Toys Figure
Tony Stark returns to the place that started it all as Hot Toys fully reveals their Movie Masterpiece Iron Man Mark I figure Coming at 11.81 inches, the Mark I armor is resurrected with newly painted head sculpts featuring the man himself, Robert Downey Jr Unlike previous Iron Man figures, this one features die-cast material[...]
Ryan North & Guillermo Sanna Create a Darkhold Body-Horror Iron Man
Ryan North and Guillermo Sanna are creating a Darkhold one-shot for Iron Man in October, one over five one-shots bookended by a Darkhold Alpha and Omega Delayed for over a year, it's now set in an earlier continuity than the rest of the Marvel Universe While the book leads with Doctor Doom and the Scarlet[...]
Own Iron Man’s Damaged Helmet from Endgame with Beast Kingdom
Measuring at roughly 8" high, 15 inches long, and 9 inches wide, the Iron Man Mark 50 helmet is faithfully recreated with battle damage design The entire damaged helmet design is beautifully detailed and even features light-up eyes The Iron Man helmet is displayed on a base and will be limited to only 3,000 pieces[...]
hot toys iron man marvel
Hot Toys has revealed that they are going back in time with one of their next Marvel 1:6 scale figures with Iron Man This is not just any Iron Man, though; this is the Mark I Armor set that Tony Stark creates in the cave after this capture To make this release even more intense,[...]
Cover image for IRON MAN #10
Iron Man #10 is in stores from Marvel Comics on Wednesday, and in this preview of the issue, we find Tony Stark marooned on an alien world with a camp of eclectic refugees To be honest though, they all seem a little bit too cheery for being trapped on a remote, unknown planet with no[...]
Iron Man Enters The Grid With Hot Toys New Neon Tech Figure
Hot Toys has unveiled their final Summer Convention Exclusive figure as Iron Man gets a Neon Tech to upgrade once again Featuring the mold from Avengers: Infinity War, the Mark L suit returns but with a new Tron-inspired deco This marks the 4th figure to come out of this series, and it's a perfect figure[...]
It's An Iron Man World With Tech On Avengers From S.H. Figuarts
Some upcoming figures include Captain America, Black Panther, Captain Marvel, Spider-Man, Wolverine, Red Skull, Loki, and Venom! Tamashii Nations revealed the first figure in the lineup with Iron Man himself. Iron Man is loaded with high tech power that will include removable armor pieces, blast effects, electric effects, and flight effects This new armor set is[...]
Iron Man Blasts His Way Into Kotobukiya With New Marvel Fine Art Statue
Iron Man is bringing the battle to your shelves as Kotobukiya has revealed their newest Marvel Fine Art Series statue Standing roughly 16.5 inches tall, this invincible hero is ready to join Thor and Captain America in a dynamic action pose His class suit of armor returns and is beautifully detailed with an amazing sculpt[...]
Shang-Chi: Marvel Boss Kevin Feige on Abomination’s Return in Trailer
"And to see fans on that little tag of the trailer recognize that and embrace that is great fun." With Shang-Chi, Feige explained how they're able to go back into the Iron Man lore given the history of the Mandarin The 2013 Iron Man 3 originally advertised Ben Kingsley as the character before it was[...]