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Interior preview page from INVINCIBLE IRON MAN #10 LUCAS WERNECK COVER
Invincible Iron Man #10 is floating into your local comic shop this Wednesday, September 27th and it looks like Marvel's flipping through some old wedding tropes The hallowed literature of superheroes kissing in capes and all that jazz Check out this bed of roses they provided as a synopsis: You are cordially invited to the wedding[...]
Classic Marvel Comics Iron Man Lands at Hot Toys with New Figure
We have seen witches and spiders, but now get ready to embark on a heroic journey through six decades of Earth's Mightiest Heroes with Marvel Comics Classic Iron Man Celebrating The Avenger's 60th anniversary, a special edition Hot Toys Exclusive Iron Man is on the way and will be limited to only 1,500 pieces He[...]
McFarlane Toys Debuts New Batman: White Knight Sketch Edition Statue 
Deadpool is back and is suiting up once again with the help of Iron Man with Sentinel's Marvel Fighting armor line The Merc with the Mouth is now back in his iconic X-Force costume, shifting from his more colorful appearance to a more stealthy look This costume has become a fan favorite among Marvel Comics[...]
Swing into Action with the Disney’s Spider-Man Nano Web-Shooters
ShopDisney has unveiled a brand new and stunning replica from the Marvel Cinematic Universe with the Mark 1 Arc Reactor from Iron Man (2008) This meticulously crafted piece has truly captured the legacy that Tony Stark has built from his very first suit and in a cave The Iron Man Mark 1 Arc Reactor replica[...]
Marvel Contest Of Champions Reveals Gladiator Arriving In Next Update
Meanwhile, the devs have chosen to give us a remastered version of Iron Man to go with him rather than adding a second and taking from Gladiator's glory We have more details below on both, as players who already have Iron Man on their roster will get the remaster on September 5; while everyone else[...]
Thunder Strikes with Hasbro’s New Thor: The Dark World Figure 
Hasbro is back with even more Marvel Studios The Infinity Saga figures as Iron Man makes a superhero landing This is the second Iron Man figure to arrive in this new wave, and this one comes from Captain America: Civil War Tony Stark is all for the Sakovia Accords and will even fight Cap to[...]
Thunder Strikes with Hasbro’s New Thor: The Dark World Figure 
Iron Man is ready for a test run once again with this new Marvel Legends release that features some new accessories The Mark II armor will come with an extra pair of Hans; two head sculpts, and repulsor effects for flight Relive the events of Iron Man (2008) with this delightful new Marvel Legends figure[...]
Thunder Strikes with Hasbro’s New Thor: The Dark World Figure 
War Machine is Team Iron Man as he gets a brand new Marvel Legends figure from Captain America: Civil War If you missed previous Infinity Saga figures, then these are perfect, as they dish out some new accessories and some impressive detail James Rhodes is locked and loaded with a new Gatling Cannon and plenty[...]
PrintWatch: Ms Marvel, Power Rangers, Iron Man, Blade & W0rldtr33
MARVEL and her Disney+ series! $4.99 On Sale 10/11/2023 PrintWatch: Also getting the standard second printing are FOC-tie-ins The Invincible Iron Man #9 with his Mysterium armour on the cover, and Blade #2. #gallery-1 { margin: auto; } #gallery-1 .gallery-item { float: left; margin-top: 10px; text-align: center; width: 50%; } #gallery-1 img { border: 2px solid #cfcfcf; } #gallery-1 .gallery-caption { margin-left: 0; } /* see gallery_shortcode() in wp-includes/media.php */ INVINCIBLE IRON MAN[...]
Iron Man Writers On A Movie About An "Alcoholic Weapons Manufacturer"
Art Marcum and Matt Holloway are a screenwriting duo best known for writing the scripts of Iron Man and Punisher: War Zone in the same year More recently, they wrote the movies Men In Black: International and Uncharted and provided rewrites on Morbius and Kraven the Hunter. Before Iron Man, the only movie they had written that had gone to[...]
New Marvel Comics Crimson Dynamo Figure Lands at Diamond Select
Iron Man better watch out as the deadly Crimson Dynamo is making his landing with an impressive new figure This deadly foe comes in at 8" tall; he features a classic Marvel Comics design with his own robotic suit This version features Dimitri Bukharin, the suit's fifth user, and he will come with a nice[...]
John Turitzin was Marvel's former Chief Administrative Officer, Executive Vice President, and General Counsel, and he remembers just how Marvel Studios decided that Iron Man would be the very first film that they financed and made themselves. Back in July, The Wall Street Journal's podcast, The Journal, hosted by Kate Linebaugh and Ryan Knutson, ran a[...]
Iron Man Suits Up with threezero’s DLX Infinity Saga Mark V Armor 
It looks like Tony Stark has found some trouble on the race track, and his new Iron Man Mark V armor is precisely what he needs Threezero is back with an impressive new DLX Marvel Studios The Infinity Saga figure from Iron Man 2 Coming in at 6.9" tall, Marvel fans will see a faithfully[...]
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But the tiniest steps back up are being taken in this week's X-Men comic books and more. Immortal Thor #1 While Invincible Iron Man #9 sees even the implied threat of Thor saving Tony Stark's skin from Orchis. Invincible Iron Man #9 So what more happened to the mutants evacuated from Krakoa by Professor Xavier, whom he now believes[...]
Interior preview page from INVINCIBLE IRON MAN #9 KAEL NGU COVER
Preview time, folks, and it's Invincible Iron Man #9 setting the pace Hitting shelves this August 23rd, Tony Stark digs up daddy's old clubbing gear, ready to pay a visit to the Hellfire Club Because when you're robbed of your cool, shiny metal suit, what else is there to do but avail of your inherited[...]
Tony stark And Emma Frost Are Getting An Arranged Marriage
With X-Men #26 and Invincible Iron Man #10 by Gerry Duggan, Jim Towe, Javier Pina, and Juan Frigeri. So what's going on? Well, it's money Emma Frost has already signed papers to make Wilson Fisk, the new White King of the Hellfire Club, it was her business interests that funded the Krakoan economy, but she is a[...]
Interior preview page from IRON MAN ANNUAL #1 FRANCESCO MOBILI COVER
Brushing off our umbrellas to weather another storm in comic land, as we take a peek inside the whirling funnel cloud of 'originality' that is Iron Man Annual #1 Get ready to don your waterproof gear because this one's set to hit the shelves this coming Wednesday, August 16th. Now here's a twist that pulls at[...]
Iron Man Gets A New 300 Piece Golden Mark III Armor from Hot Toys 
It has been 15 years since Iron Man debuted in theaters, changing the future of cinema as we know it To honor such an event, Hot Toys has unveiled a brand new limited edition Iron Man figure at an enlarged 1/4 scale The Mark III Armor is landing once again but with a new golden[...]
Is Iron Man Getting A Suit Made Out of Mysterium?
Including that Iron Man will be getting a brand new costume as Tony Stark continues his association with his new wife, Emma Frost, and it appears to be made up of the mutant alien material of Mysterium. Mysterium is a unique metallic meta-material formed by condensing kirbons and harvested from the White Hot Room accessible by[...]
Hot Toys Celebrates 15 Years of Iron Man with New Cosbi Collection
Hot Toys is here to celebrate the 15th anniversary of the 2008 film Iron Man with a new Cosbi Collection Tony Stark is suiting up with an impressive new set of figures capturing iconic moments over the course of the Marvel Cinematic Universe A total of 9 Cosbi figures are featured in this set; each[...]
Iron Man Mark IV Makes A Landing for S.H.Figuarts 15th Anniversary 
Coming to life from the Marvel Cinematic Universe film Iron Man 2 comes the brand-new S.H Figuarts Iron Man in Mark IV Armor The Mark VI Armor will come in at just under 6" tall and will come with helmeted and Tony Stark head sculpt Other accessories include swappable hands, neck pieces, sunglasses, repulsor effects,[...]
Tony Stark Suits Up as Iron Man with New The Avengers Hot Toys Figure
Unlike previous 1/6 scale Iron Man figures, this one is more focused on the man himself, as he suits up from The Avengers After being thrown out of a window by Loki, Iron Man deploys his Mark VII Suit, and now fans can capture that scene This figure features an incredible likeness to Robert Downey[...]
Beast Kingdom Celebrates 60 Years of Marvel Comes with New Statues 
Releasing as part of their D-Stage 'Staging Your Dreams' series, Iron Man and Captain America are heroically displayed Each Marvel statue features the hero with impressive amounts of detail, packed with color, posed in a heroic stance One unique thing about these statues is that Beast Kingdom has placed comic panel backgrounds as the backdrop[...]
Ms Marvel, Kamala Khan Back To Life For Emma Frost & Iron Man Wedding
Earlier today, Bleeding Cool reported on the upcoming wedding of Emma Frost of the Quiet Council of Krakoa, and Tony Stark, Iron Man Getting married in the X-Men #26 and Invincible Iron Man #10 crossover event from Marvel Comics spinning out of the Hellfire Gala ahead of the Fall of X Publishing in September, both[...]
Emma Frost And Tony Stark To Marry, They Deserve Each Other
And now they are getting married in the X-Men #26 and Invincible Iron Man #10 crossover event spinning out of the Hellfire Gala ahead of the Fall of X Publishing in September, both issues are written by Gerry Duggan with art by Stefano Caselli on X-Men #26 and Juan Frigeri on Iron Man #10, as[...]
Marvel Comics
Six Marvel Comics titles have Krakoan and Orchis relevance today, Spider-Man #9 (a tiny bit), Bishop: War College #5 (a little bit), Immortal X-Men #12 (somewhat), Invincible Iron Man #12 ( a lot), X-Men #23 (an awful lot) and X-Men: Before The Fall: First Strike (nothing but). In today's Spider-Man #9, the inhabitants of the Marvel[...]
Interior preview page from INVINCIBLE IRON MAN #17 KAEL NGU COVER
Well, Marvel fans, get ready for another brilliant Tony Stark scheme in the upcoming Invincible Iron Man #17, hitting stores on Wednesday, June 7th Seems like Tony is really leaning into the age-old saying, "if you want a job done right, do it yourself," especially when that job is infiltrating and destroying his own company[...]
Avengers: Endgame Hot Toys Iron Man Mark LXXXV - We Love You 3000
It even marked the end of the hero that started everything off back in 2008 with Iron Man Robert Downey Jr brought the role of Iron Man to life like never before and always stole the show, no matter what film he was in One of his most significant moments came out of Avengers: Endgame[...]
PrintWatch: Iron Man, Something Epic, Nottingham, Ghost Lore & Spider
Which isn't a third printing, that's something different. PrintWatch: We previously mentioned that Invincible Iron Man #5  is getting a new printing for the 14th of June with a cover by Phil Noto, but we now know Invincible Iron Man #6 will also have a second printing with a cover by Andrea Di Vito for the[...]
Take Flight with One:12 Iron Man Centurion Armor from Mezco Toyz
Iron Man is taking flight in his signature Centurion Armor right from the pages of Marvel Tony Stark is fully detailed in a is iconic red and silver Iron Man armor that features real metal components Mezco has included two heads with armored and unmasked Tony Stark designs and comes with a massive set of[...]