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The Scott Adkins Interview That Turned To White Noise And Ninja Shadow Of A Tear

The film is a sequel to 2009's Ninja, and shares that film's director, Isaac Florentine.Adkins noted that Florentine is the director who best understands him, knows how to use him in a film What's more, Adkins heaped praise on the way Florentine conceives, stages and shoots the action, and also specifically mentioned the editing[...]

First Trailer For Ninja Shadow Of A Tear, Starring Scott Adkins

His abilities as a martial arts star are very impressive and his physical performances are often a marvel to watch, when reasonably well framed and edited.Adkins has made a handful of films with director Isaac Florentine so far, including two Undisputed films and the first Ninja film, and Florentine seems to have a good handle[...]