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The Crazy Amorality Of Dream Thief
Hannah Means-Shannon writes; The promo from Dark Horse for Dream Thief #1 warn you that "spirits of the vengeful dead" are going to "possess" John Lincoln and turn his life into a nightmare, so there's plenty of mental preparation provided for the darker side of this new series written by Jai Nitz (Heaven's Devils, Green[...]
Dream Thief #1 And Dream Merchant #1, Both Out Today
Read them both in bed, before you go to sleep. Dream Thief #1 by Jai Nitz and Greg Smallwood, published by Dark Horse Comics. Dream Merchant #1 by Nathan Edmondson and Konstantin Novosadov, published by Image Comics. Comics courtesy of Orbital Comics, London, who are launching the Image Collector exhibition, reappropriating the work of Roy Lichtenstein, tomorrow[...]
Welcome To Kansas – Dream Thief Hits Hastings
Next week sees the debut release of Dream Thief by Jai Nitz and Greg Smallwood from Dark Horse And also Dream Merchant from Image Comics But more of that later. That said, Hastings has taken an interest in Dream Thief.  They're doing an exclusive variant cover by Smallwood and the creative team are touring five branches[...]
Where Do Covers Come From? Jai Nitz And Ryan Sook On Dream Thief
Let's take a peek into Jai Nitz' and Ryan Sook's e-mails. Jai Nitz- Hey, I'm trying to get my Dream Thief covers sorted out I think it'll work best to use you for the cover to #2 and Kevin Nowlan for the cover to #3 due to story elements As far as the cover art itself,[...]
FREE: Kirby: Genesis – Silver Star #1
Kirby: Genesis – Silver Star #1 from Jai Nitz and Johnny D,  published by Dynamite, sold out rapidly and went to second print. The second issue is out today, but if you can't wait for your second print of the first issue (coming soon)  to catch up… well, here is the full first issue, to read,[...]
Alex Ross On Flash Gordon, Kirby Genesis Silver Star And A Whole Book Of Covers
This is Alex Ross' cover to the Kirby Genesis spinoff series, Kirby Genesis Silver Star, by Jai Nitz and Johnny D Other covers will be by Mark Buckingham and Jae Lee. Dynamite describes the series thus; Before Kirby: Genesis there was… The Silver Star!  The last great Kirby creation, Morgan Miller is the first of a[...]