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Review: Source Code
But the pressure isn't for Duncan Jones alone as there is hardly a scene in this film which Jake Gyllenhaal doesn't appear Just as well then that Source Code is not only a worthy successor to Moon, it also features what is arguably Jake Gyllenhaal's finest performance. I've admired the marketing for Source Code The trailers[...]
Two New Clips From Source Code – Kiss and What Would You Do?
Both focus on the pull of the drama, in which catastrophic events will repeat themselves every eight minutes until Colter Stevens (Jake Gyllenhaal) can find a way to make them stop They also take a closer look at the relationship between Colter and Christina (Michelle Monaghan). With such little time to play with, both clips hint[...]
Love and Other Drugs – More Total Recall Than Love Story?
Last month, Kate Atherton attended a press conference for Love and Other Drugs on behalf of Bleeding Cool: When Anne Hathaway was asked in London last month if she had any fears that her new film Love and Other Drugs might remind audiences of Love Story, she revealed that, "I was more concerned that people were[...]