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The Interview Makes $15 Million On-Line And Costs One Man $650
The real news is that Sony also released the Seth Rogen / James Franco comedy to some on-line distributors where the film made an amazing 15 million dollars The price of the on-line showing is half of that of a normal theater ticket So not the big money I'm sure Sony wanted for the film originally,[...]
Sony Cancels The Interview, Gives In To The Hackers
Word came out yesterday that Sony Pictures has cancelled the Christmas day theatrical release of the Seth Rogen / James Franco film The Interview This comes after the company has been suffering though the aftermath of a hacking and releasing of the information by a group known as the Guardians of Peace or #GoP It is[...]
Sony Releases Red Band Trailer For The Interview
Sony has released the Red Band trailer for the Seth Rogen and James Franco film The Interview The plot of the movie is Franco is a television celebrity and interviewer while Rogen is his producer In an attempt to do some "real news", they accept an invite from North Korean dictator Kim Jong-un to interview[...]
Poster And Teaser Trailer For James Franco And Seth Rogen's The Interview
James Franco and Seth Rogen attempt to bumble their way through an assassination attempt on Kim Jung-Un in the first trailer for new comedy The Interview. Randall Park as the North Korean leader is kind of everything in the brief glimpses we see of him, and the rest of the trailer is basically what you might[...]
James Franco May Play A KKK Leader In His Next Role
Well, why not? I've long since given up trying to figure out James Franco, and he continues to do his thing Page Six has the scoop on his next project, and it's basically pretty much par for the Franco course. His Spring Breakers co-stars Sidney and Thurman Sewell (who go by The ATL Twins) say[...]
Weekend Viewing: First Trailer For Gia Coppola's Palo Alto, Starring James Franco
Based on a book of short stories by James Franco and directed by Gia Coppola Palo Alto stars Emma Roberts as a teenager who a football coach, played by none other than James Franco himself, takes a romantic interest in. To coincide with Palo Alto premiering at the Teluride Film Festival the first trailer for the film has[...]
Teaser Trailer For James Franco's Cormac McCarthy Adaptation, Child Of God
James Franco is picking some very intriguing projects to direct and interestingly all of them are related to works by other artists Earlier this year he premiered Interior Leather Bar at Sundance, then As I Lay Dying at Cannes and now Child of God is set to premiere at Venice. Interior Leather Bar is an attempt[...]
Riff Raff Says He's Suing Over Spring Breakers
When Spring Breakers was first released there was some talk about the similarity between James Franco's character of Alien and the real life rapper Riff Raff Franco claimed to have based the character of Alien on another rapper named Dangeruss, who he spent some time with before filming, but Riff Raff has stated on a[...]
This Is The End — The Bleeding Cool Review
If you're looking a one-sentence summation of this film here it is: This Is The End is a giant Funny Or Die sketch. The cast is extraordinary: James Franco, Jonah Hill, Seth Rogen, Jay Baruchel, Danny McBride and Craig Robinson are at the core of the things, playing characters that are heightened, exaggerated, you might say[...]