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Jeff Parker Stands The King's Watch With The Phantom, Mandrake and Flash Gordon
Dynamite Entertainment has pulled together three of King's Features most dynamic and well-loved icons and put them in the hands of Jeff Parker Chris Roberson sat down with Parker to discuss the King's Watch series and his heroes Flash Gordon, Mandrake the Magician and The Phantom.  CHRIS ROBERSON: I'm curious to know your first introduction to[...]
King's Watch Sells Out 10,425 Print Run
King's Watch, the new Dynamite comic from Jeff Parker and Marc Laming came out today Bleeding Cool rather enjoyed it. Well, it managed to burn through its print run at Diamond Comic Distributors as well, selling out 10,425 copies I understand that Dynamite is planning to get a second print out alongside the second issue. There are[...]
North Carolina Store Announces Memorial On 10th Anniversary Date
In what is either one of the most clever marketing campaigns, steeped in the history of comic events OR in a marketing campaigned steeped in comic over-hype and in really bad taste… Ultimate Comics is using the supposed death of store Founder Al Gill to bring people in for a memorial on the stores 10th[...]
Francavilla Shares Red She-Hulk Interlocking Covers
The covers started with issue #63 with this issue written by Jeff Parker and interiors by Carlo Pagulayan concludes the Route 616 story arc. Interlocking Red She Hulk Covers   Red She Hulk #63   Red She Hulk #64 Red She Hulk #65 Red She Hulk #66 Red She Hulk #67 With the released of Red She-Hulk #67 today, Francesco Francavilla posted all[...]
Tommy Lee Edwards' Variant Cover For Spider-Men #5 For Dublin Comic Con
Guests include Tommy Lee Edwards (of course), Kelly Sue DeConnick, John Layman, Matt Fraction, Rafa Albuquerque, Jeff Parker, , Nate Cosby, Tommy Lee Edwards, Ben McCool, Lauren Sankovitch, Mark Doyle, Jeanine Schaefer, Kieron Gillen, Jaimie McKelvie and Doug Braithwaite It's a fine crowd Tickets to the show can be bought here I've been to the[...]
What Does Red She Hulk Mean For Female Lead Superhero Comics?
Over the weekend, Bleeding Cool reported on Majorie Liu's remarks that she had been setting up an all-women superhero comic book with her Astonishing X-Men artist Mike Perkins at Marvel, starring X-23, The Black Widow, Elektra and Mystique, only for it to be shot down because the beancounters didn't believe it would sell enough. I brought[...]
Red Hulk Becomes Red She-Hulk
Okay, so it's not a gender swap per se. But the Hulk book starring the General Ross Red Hulk and written by Jeff Parker has been missing from solicitations of late, and it was expected to be a relaunched Marvel NOW! comic Rumours were that it woiuld mirror the cartoon and be renamed Hulk And The[...]
Marvel Now To Relaunch Hulk As Hulk And The Agents Of Smash?
And I've now had word from a semi-reliable source that, yes, Marvel are going to do this. There was no listing for the Jeff Parker Hulk series for September, starring the General Ross Red Hulk and assorted Hulk cast, but Marvel reassured Bleeding Cool that, even after the comic deals with the Mayan end of the[...]
Dark Avengers #176 – What Up?
Elliot Cole reads comics for Bleeding Cool; Dark Avengers #176 by Jeff Parker and Kev Walker Thunderbolts just leap frogged Avengers Academy as Marvel's best team book. Take that however you will, but as AVX is giving AA a contemplative turn, and New Mutants is seeing DnA start to shine brighter after Heroes For Hire, Thunderbolts has steamed[...]
Hulk Is Not Cancelled. Honest.
There was no issue of the Hulk comic by Jeff Parker, featuring the General Ross Red Hulk in the Marvel solicitations for September 2012. Marvel tells Bleeding Cool that the comic isn't cancelled though. It could be missing a month Maybe it's being renamed and relaunched Maybe it's been turned into a puffin Maybe they're just hiding[...]
Jeff Parker And Gabriel Hardman Bring You Damn Dirty Apes In August
   They are known for both working on Marvel's top ape character in Agents Of Atlas, one Gorilla Man. In August, Jeff Parker and Gabriel Hardman will be creating more monkey business together for Boom, with a Planet Of The Apes Annual Along with Corinna Bechko, Daryl Gregory, Carlos Magno and John Lucas, telling untold tales of[...]
Thunderbolts To End In May… And Change To Something Else
Also written by Jeff Parker With issue number 175 And also issue number 176 – you know, double shipping and all that. Marvel have asked me not to say what, and hey I've revealed enough about their Wondercon plans this last couple of days, so I'll say fair enough Let's just say it won't be a[...]