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David O. Russell's Nailed Suddenly Has An MPAA Rating
Rope of Silicon is reporting the famously troubled and allegedly incomplete film has suddenly got itself an MPAA rating – that thing a film gets right before it's released. Jessica Biel probably thought this would be a big break for her when she began filming with Russell and fellow cast mates Jake Gyllenhaal, James Marsden, Tracy[...]
Total Recall – The Bleeding Cool Review
It's a good job he is likeable, he's in practically every shot of the film. Jessica Biel stands in for Rachel Ticotin as the sidekick/love interest She looks lovely, displays competent ass-kicking abilities when required, and says exactly enough to move the plot along. Bryan Cranston is Chancellor Vilos Cohaagen, who runs the United Federation of Britain[...]
A Very Big List Of Casting Updates
Damast's script focuses on how Vivaldi turned a group of outcasts into an orchestra that played before the Pope. The second, cunningly also named Vivaldi, and helmed by Patricia Riggen, is linking talents the likes of Jessica Biel, Sir Ben Kingsley, Luke Evans and violinist David Garret This take on the composers life is said to[...]