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Sandman Zero Has A New Title As Of Yesterday
Then, last year, Bleeding Cool broke the news that terms had been agreed, and DC announced the series by Gaiman and JH Williams III. Last night, in conversation with Chip Kidd, Gaiman told a crowd that as of the day before, Sandman Zero now has a new title Though he wouldn't hint as to what it[...]
Batwoman To Dominate Media From Today – SPOILERS
It rather spoils the end of Batwoman #17, by JH Williams III and W Haden Blackman out today Normally I'm extremely reluctant to spoil the end of a comic, and while this is one of those times that I think justifies it, it's not going to be in the headline, the first paragraph or in[...]
Batwoman, Beauty And Advertising
Everything else is a house ad, scattered through the issue. Apart from Batwoman. Since the relaunch, Batwoman has specialised in storytelling through double page spreads, a style writer/artist JH Williams III developed on Promethea with Alan Moore, and had souught to replicate with other artists on the title as well This kind of comic is hard to[...]
Batwoman Wins Second GLAAD Award
Other nominated comic books were Avengers: The Children's Crusade, Secret Six, Veronica Presents: Kevin Keller and X-Factor. This is a second win for writer/artist JH Williams III, who won two years ago with Greg Rucka for Detective Comics featuring the same character. The GLAAD Awards, now in their 23rd year, celebrate the portrayal of LGBT issues in[...]
Two Double Page Spreads From Batwoman #1
The Advocate have run an article, The Allure Of The Lesbian Caped Crusader, interviewing artist and co-writer JH Williams III about the comic. "I want the series and the character to have a unique voice in comparison to any other superhero title Not because she's gay, but because I want to tell a unique story[...]
DC Relaunch: Batwoman #1
Batwoman #1 in September by JH Williams III? In March I wrote; There has been a fair deal of fuss concerning the second rescheduling of the Batwoman comic Well, I've been told by a DC source that the book will now actually launch with issue #1 in the autumn. Well that makes a little[...]