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New Sandman By Neil Gaiman and JH Williams III: More Info Including New Artwork
 Karen Berger, Executive Editor of Vertigo, then revealed that Gaiman is paired with artist, JH Williams III (BATWOMAN) for the series, who appeared on stage to an already stunned and elated crowd THE SANDMAN mini-series will be published by Vertigo in 2013. One of the few graphic novels ever to be on the New York Times Best Seller[...]
A New Sandman Series By Neil Gaiman And JH Williams III?
And based on the bar talk at San Diego last night, we can presume that this time, if it is indeed the same Sandman premise and not something new, negotiations have been more successful. And on art, is one artist who I was told had a new project, Batwoman and Promethea's JH Williams III. If true, one[...]
JH Williams Strip From CBLDF Liberty Annual And A Chat With Charles Brownstein
What are your thoughts? I think the vast majority of comics retailers, graphic novel librarians, and creators would disagree with the notion that the CBLDF doesn't matter, and I think you see that with the support for projects like the Liberty Annual from Image, the Liberty Trading Cards from Cryptozoic, and[...]
The Batwoman That Dare Not Speak Its Name
But problems set in and the next we knew of it, crime novelist Greg Rucka and Promethea artist JH Williams were working on the book Straight men, but certainly with a history of LGBT friendly work And that's when the mass media hit Acres of press, TV, radio and online coverage were generated for this[...]