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Faith: Hollywood And Vine – 24 Trades Of Christmas
One of the most talked about comics coming out of 2016 was the Faith series from Jody Houser, Francis Portela and Marguerite Sauvage The first issue sold out of five printings On the surface it's about a plus-sized super-heroine that breaks all the stereotypes that have existed in comics for 75 years But to think[...]
Faith And Thinking About What You Want This Country To Be
Praised internationally in publications such as the Atlantic, noted for the spectacular sales of her solo launch, and drawing extra attention in recent months for announcements of Sony's plans for an onscreen appearance and upcoming "crossover" with Democratic Presidential nominee Hillary Clinton, is there anywhere the former Harbinger stalwart hasn't been? How about a horror show? Writer[...]
Faith To Take On Her First Super-Villain… Or Is That Villains
With the first issue of Faith in shops now and the new over the weekend of a Hilary Clinton cover for issue #5, Valiant has sent out a preview of issue #2 and it looks like she'll be going up against her very first super-villain. In the second issue form writer Jody Houser (Orphan Black) and artists[...]
Faith Heads To Hall H On SDCC Retailer Exclusive Cover
Along with the comic, series writer Jody Houser will be on hand signing in the issue. Thursday, July 21st — 2:30 – 3:30 p.m PT Friday, July 22nd — 11:00 a.m – 12:00 p.m PT Saturday, July 23rd — 2:30 – 3:30 p.m PT Sunday, July 24th — 12:00 – 1:00 p.m PT   [...]
Ronald Wimberly Covers Faith For CBLDF
All proceeds will directly benefit the First Amendment legal and education work of the Comic Book Legal Defense Fund, an organization that works to protect the freedom to read. Series writer Jody Houser will appear at the CBLDF's booth (#1918) for two signings during Comic-Con International 2016 The first, on Thursday, July 21st, will begin at[...]
We See Some Changes To Shadowman In The 4001 A.D. One-Shot
You might notice some minor changes in the character being written by Jody Houser and Rafer Roberts and being drawn by Robert Gill… like the fact that it's 1,985 years in the future and Shadowman is now a woman… which would make you think a title change would be in order, but Valiant is sticking[...]
Faith #1 To Have Coloring Book Edition
So if this is something you want, you need to let your retailer know this weekend as the final order cutoff is June 27th. In a city under siege by robots, aliens, monsters and even worse…celebrities, there is only one woman the people of Los Angeles can count on: the stratospheric superhero called Faith! Aspiring reporter[...]
Valiant Hits Wondercon With Exclusive Variant And New Merchandise
The will also be debuting some new merchandise including t-shirts, tote bags and infant snapsuits. The publisher will be set up at booth #2004 and will have guests that include writer Jody Houser (Faith) and acclaimed colorist David Baron (Bloodshot Reborn) They will also be part of three panels over the weekend. Friday, March 25th at 1:30[...]
Faith And A Double Shot Of Bloodshot In Previews From Valiant
The 4-part series by Jody Houser, Francis Portela and Marguerite Sauvage is getting a lot of attention and positive reviews Also shipping is the second part of the Analog Man story in Blooshot Reborn #11 as well as the director's cut of the first part by Jeff Lemire and Lewis LaRosa. FAITH #2 (of 4) Written by[...]
An Advanced Look At Faith #2
Spinning out of Harbinger, the series is written by Jody Houser (Orphan Black) and drawn by Francis Portela and Marguerite Sauvage. Faith "Zephyr" Herbert has just set out on her own with a new city, a new job, and a new secret identity…but, just when it when she thought it was safe fly solo as Los Angeles'[...]
Valiant Previews – Faith #1 And Bloodshot Reborn #10
First is the new four-part series Faith by Jody Houser, Francis Portela and Marguerite Sauvage and then The Analog Man kicks off in Bloodshot Reborn #10 by Jeff Lemire and Lewis Larosa. FAITH #1 (of 4) Written by JODY HOUSER Art by FRANCIS PORTELA and MARGUERITE SAUVAGE Covers by JELENA KEVIC-DJURDJEVIC, MARGUERITE SAUVAGE, CLAYTON HENRY, KANO and[...]
A Relatable Leading Lady: Advance Review Of Faith #1
Written by Jody Houser, with art by Francis Portela and Marguerite Sauvage, Faith #1 takes us threw a day in the life of this intriguing female lead. But before I get to that, I want to comment on the buzz that's been surrounding the comic over the past few months Most of what I've seen has[...]
A Look Inside Faith #1 By Houser, Portela And Sauvage
The series is from writer Jody Houser and artists Francis Portela and Marguerite Sauvage.   Orphaned at a young age, Faith Herbert – a psionically gifted "psiot" discovered by the Harbinger Foundation – has always aspired to greatness But now this once-ordinary teenager is taking control of her destiny and becoming the hard-hitting hero she's always known[...]
LBCC 2015: Indie Creators Talk Shop With Jody Houser, Josh Trujillo, Jacon Semahn, Gavin Hignight & Bryant Dillon
As moderator, she introduced the panelists: Jody Houser (Orphan Black, Cupcake POW!), Josh Trujillo (Love Machines), Jacob Semahn (Goners from Image), Gavin Hignight (Nickelodeon's TMNT, The Concrete World), and Bryant Dillon (Identify Thief, Something Animal), before leading them in a round of exploratory questions to better understand the world of self-publishing. Barbra Dillon asked the panelists,[...]