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Mythbusters' Adam Savage Goes Incognito At Comic-Con
Adam Savage of the Mythbusters filmed himself going around this years San Diego Comic Con in his replica John Hurt / Kane Enviromental Suit from Alien for Tested, the youtube channel of he and Jaime Hyneman. He may not be the only celebrity to try walking the floor in disguise, but he is definitely the only[...]
Neil Gaiman Comments On The Doctor Who Numbering
I'm tempted to say something like, "No, the John Hurt War Doctor is just something that happened in THE NAME OF THE DOCTOR, THE NIGHT OF THE DOCTOR and THE DAY OF THE DOCTOR on television." If it happens on the TV, it's canonical, unless it isn't (For example, no-one seems entirely sure whether we get[...]
Matt Smith's Is Bigger Than David Tennant's, At Last A Ginger And… Marco Polo?
"I wanted to be ginger! I've never been ginger" – David Tennant, Doctor Who: The Christmas Invasion "Still not ginger!" – Matt Smith, Doctor Who: The End Of Time "He realises that he's actually got ginger hair" – Matt Smith on John Hurt in the new issue of SciFiNow. Copies of the magazine have dropped today, with a[...]
Who Is The Valeyard And Why Should You Care?
I've been to Gallifrey One a couple times even. I've enjoyed all the talk about the 50th anniversary, and all the theories on the message board since the mention of The Valeyard at the end of The Name Of The Doctor.  The Valeyard was first seen in The Trial Of A Timelord, in the Colin Baker 6th Doctor era, and[...]
John Hurt Gets A Reference In New Doctor Who Comic…
It has been Bleeding Cool's assertion for quite some time that John Hurt is playing the ninth incarnation of the Time Lord mostly known as The Doctor in the show Doctor Who… which pushes the other incarnations up one, Christopher Eccleston is now ten, David Tennant is eleven, Matt Smith is twelve and Peter[...]
Doctor Who 50th Anniversary Special Images Of The Daleks Surrounded By Flames
Matt Smith, David Tennant and John Hurt will be battling an iconic villain in the upcoming 50th anniversary Doctor Who special – the fearsome Daleks. The BBC have just posted three new images from the upcoming episode and they feature the Daleks surrounded by flames. Brendon and Rich were both at the Doctor Who panel[...]