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MTV Broadcasts In Black And White To Talk About Race On MLK Day
John Lewis, who was part of Martin Luther King's inner circle during the events depicted in Selma. The recent graphic novels March from Top Shelf are based on the same event. The program will run for 12 hours in black and white, from 9 AM EST until 9 PM as part of MTV's #TheTalk an anti-bias campaign to get[...]
Oprah Pics Graphic Novel As One Of Six Books To Read This Spring
The Huffington Post and The Oprah Magazine posted their list of 6 Books You Should Read This Spring and there was a graphic novel in the mix. At number two was March: Book One by John Lewis, Andrew Aydin and Nate Powell This much celebrated book is the autobiographical tale of Congressman John Lewis and his[...]
Graphic Novel Becomes Required Reading At Two Universities
Michigan State University and Marquette University have both selected March: Book One as freshman required reading for 2014. The book by Senator John Lewis, Andrew Aydin and Nate Powell is the first of a trilogy showing the first-hand account of Senator Lewis' personal story as he struggled for civil and human rights The first book focuses on[...]
Top Shelf Donates Civil Rights Graphic Novel To Every Member Of Congress
John Lewis memoir March: Book One was already historical as the first graphic novel written by a member of congress, but its bestseller status (on both the New York Times and Washington Post bestseller list) prompted the re-release of the 1950's comic book Martin Luther King And The Montgomery Story, the civil rights book that[...]
March Book One To Receive Massive Media Coverage On Release
There has been considerable promotion and attention paid towards March Book One, the first volume in the graphic autobiography of Civil Rights pioneer John Lewis, to be published by Top Shelf Productions in August. But it's a pinprick compared with what's coming. To date, it has an announced back cover blurb from Bill Clinton – the first[...]