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Catwoman #23 Tops $15, Joker's Daughter #1 Tops $30
Catwoman #23, featuring the first appearance of the new Joker's Daughter, is now a $15 comic on eBay, though some copies are selling around the $10-$12 mark For a $2.99 comic published on Wednesday, that's quite a rise. Some stores may still have copies at cover price of course. Just not many. It's also in advance of the[...]
Everyone Loves The Joker's Daughter….
The advance reorder chart filled with reorders for the 2D covers for September after the retailers were severely shorted on the 3D covers. It's worth noting that Joker's Daughter and Secret Society make the list despite being offered some weeks ago And that East Of West and Superior Spider-Man make the list without any crossover to[...]
Speculator Corner: Catwoman #23 (Spoilers) (UPDATE)
Okay, you may have noticed that there have been eBay sales of the 3D cover of Dark Knight #23.4 Joker's Daughter #1 hitting over $30 on eBay. It's the hottest book of DC's Villain's Month in September. And the character's first appearance is on the last page of Catwoman #23, out tomorrow. I understand that, as we speak,[...]
Speculator Corner: Joker's Daughter Leads The Pack For DC 3D Cover Demand
An advance copy of Joker's Daughter #1 has just sold in eBay for $31. While The Joker #1 itself has just sold for $22.50 They will go on sale in comic stores, heavily allocated, next month for $3.99. No other book is currently pushing $20, but a set of all 52 is now regularly selling for over[...]