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Dark Knight And Green Lantern Writers Might Hold The Key To Saving Akira

Pre-production on Warner Bros. Akira was brought to a screeching halt with staff sent home and offices closed. It would seem that the project is mortally wounded. So… who might save it? Though neither has been contracted yet, the studio are said to be considering Jonathan "Jonah" Nolan, writer on The Dark Knight and The […]

Rumourous Growths: Goyer's Choice – Superman Movie, Wonder Woman Movie

Let's see if they sink.The first story claims that, alongside the previously touted Jonathan Nolan, Goyer is now a front runner for the directing gig on Warner Bros upcoming Superman movie We already know he's one of the film's writers, in partnership with Nolan, so it wouldn't take too much imagination to make this story[...]

Which TV Star Are Warners Wanting For Superman? And Which Director?

I'll drop the quotes on you first, then we can talk about their credibility: Jonathan Nolan is not onboard yet, but it looks like he will get the job Jonah wants to direct, Chris wants to land him that gig, WB doesn't want to upset Chris That said, it is far from a done deal.Also, it is a[...]