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ComiXology, You Know, For Kids
ComiXology have just upgraded their Kids-Only version of their web reader, Comix 4 Kids, to make it synch with your existing grown up adult ComiXology collection, but cutting out all those naughty comic books with bad words, rude bits and heads being eaten by zombies. Perfect for My Little Pony, Tiny Titans and… um… I jest[...]
Dan Slott To Write More Spider-Man Comics, You Know, For Kids
Bleeding Cool has been telling you that Marvel was to launch a new series of kids comics based on their TV cartoons for a while now, Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes Adventures and Ultimate Spider-Man Adventures But we didn't tell you who was writing and drawing them Because we didn't know. But now we do And it's[...]
Marvel Comics Will Publish Kids Comics In April… And Beyond
Comics as weapons, I approve. So I asked around, and was told that though these comics may be ending in March, Marvel will most definitely be publishing All Ages superhero books in April, and beyond. I don't know who, how, which or what, but I do know that it's Marvel's plan to keep that category going for[...]
The Beguiling To Open A Comic Shop, You Know, For Kids
But as Marvel and DC move their superhero comic books to be suitable for a teenage market and older, with their kids line intended to sell in bookstores rather than comic stores, the local comic shop has become a relatively kid unfriendly place All these colourful comics on the walls around them that they are[...]
Sunday Runaround – The Marvel Brothel
Comics4Kids1 : Bam! Kerpow! Comics Are Not Just For Adults! There are even child-friendly comic books now being made for elementary students, Warren said. As you raise a new generation of cosplayers, that is… Comics4Kids2: Libraries too… "They're the best hope for getting kids to read, in my opinion," Weston said on a recent evening at the Campbell[...]