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Tetsuya Nomura Debutes FFVII Remake and KH3 Screenshots
Game director Tetsuya Nomura shared screenshots of his two most anticipated projects at Monico Anime Game International Conferences: Square Enix's Kingdom Hearts 3, and the remake of Final Fantasy VII. The Kingdom Hearts 3 screenshot shows protagonist Sora taking down some fearsome looking Heartless in Olympus The game's art direction hasn't changed much since the original, deapite the[...]
Catch A New Kingdom Hearts III Trailer Right Here
Kingdom Hearts 3 remains one of the most sought after video games currently in production, and every scrap of new footage is taken apart and pondered over thoroughly Well, here is a bunch of new footage Attached to this trailer for Kingdom Hearts HD 2.8 Final Chapter Prologue, which is a remaster of the 3DS's[...]
Catch A Very Brief Glimpse At New Kingdom Hearts 3 Footage
Kingdom Hearts 3 has been a very elusive beast since it was announced at E3 2013 It has only shown footage a handful of times since, yet remains one of the most anticipated games in the near future. Well, here is a very brief glimpse of new gameplay About seven seconds to be exact As Gematsu[...]
Kingdom Hearts 3 Director Knows The Release Date But Is Keeping Quiet
Kingdom Hearts 3 was revealed at the 2013 Sony press conference, and since then there has been a lot of speculation surrounding the game's prospective release date Fans obviously want it as soon as possible, but my guess has always lingered in the 2017 camp I stand by that. One person who does know the release[...]
Kingdom Hearts 3 Might Feature An Online Multiplayer Component
Kingdom Hearts 3 is known for its genre mixing and clever franchise integration It also has a pretty complex lore from what I understand My point being that this has been thought of as a strong single player franchise. That could change in Kingdom Hearts 3 though Speaking to Engadget, series director Tetsuya Nomura expressed an interest in bringing[...]
E3: Kingdom Hearts 3 Footage Shown At E3
Square Enix had a whole lot of fun of faking people out about a Kingdom Hearts 3 announcement during their press conference Eventually they got to the point though and it was worth it. Honestly, I didn't think we'd even see this game, but we got a pretty decent length look at the title during Square[...]
Square Enix Tease A Bunch Of Titles Ahead Of Their E3 Press Conference
The big question is if we will see Kingdom Hearts 3 in any capacity Disappointingly, I see a world where we don't see it In fact, I think that might even be likely. On the brighter side, the company has teased that it has a lot of surprises in store for the conference though in this[...]
Dedicated Discussions – Darnit Goofy!
League of Legends news, and Goofy spills the beans about Kingdom Hearts 3 this week on Dedicated Discussions! Dan Celko is a geek by birth and a nerd by choice After years of keeping his friends up to date on what has been going on with video games, he has decided to put his skills to[...]
Kingdom Hearts III
In a series of tweets to fans, he confirmed that, as far as he is aware, he has completed the voice recording for Kingdom Hearts 3. @ShaunC__ @AlienCows As far as I can tell. — Bill Farmer (@GoofyBill) December 30, 2014 He also called out 2015 in particular to another fan in another tweet: @AlienCows It's coming out sometime[...]