kurtis wiebe

The Nerdy Show Goes RPG Questing With Kurtis Wiebe And Roc Upchurch Of The Rat Queens

[audio:http://nerdyshow.com/podcast/pods/nerdyshow170.mp3]Special Bleeding Cool guest The Nerdy Show rolls forward through RPG month with this special podcast featuring the RPG enthusiasm of comic creators of the Image Comics series Rat Queens: Kurtis Wiebe and Roc Upchurch.They say:RPG Month continues!Roleplaying is both a game and an exercise in creativity.  Those of us who roll the dice know,[...]

Peter Panzerfaust To Be A New BBC TV Show

Kurtis Wiebe at the Image Comics Panel just made an interesting surprise announcement.QT Digital and BBC Worldwide are to produce a fully voiced motion comic of his Image Comics series, Peter Panzerfaust, which retells the story of Peter Pan during the Second World War With the plan to then turn it into a BBC live[...]

Another Day, Another Image Comics Sell Out

Peter Panzerfaust. Issue Two. Second print on it's way. Second print of issue one will come out with the first print of issue two. Second print of issue two will come out on the same day as the first print of issue three. Who knows, maybe with the third print of issue one by then. […]