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Miles Morales Joins The All-New, All-Different Avengers?
Written by Mark Waid, drawn by Mahmud Asrar with colours by Laura Martin And posted on 4chan last night. With The Vision, Ms Marvel, Iron Man, Thor, Nova, Captain America… And upfront that looks like Miles Morales, the Ultimate Spider-Man. Which might also indicate, as much speculated, that the character will be joining the ongoing Marvel Universe[...]
Sneak Peek At MegaCon's 2015 Gator By Sergio Cariello
Their mascot, a gator, has been drawn by many people over the years including Frank Cho and George Perez Christine Alger posted on Twitter a sneak peek at the 2015 MegaCon Gator by Sergio Cariello and Laura Martin MegaCon will be April 10th – 12th. Megacon is the Orlando, FL based comic book convention that[...]
A Triumphant Return But A Moment That Doesn't Quite Work In Serenity #1
It's really smart work and meshes perfectly with Laura Martin's colors, Karl Story's inks and Mike Heisler's lettering Everything feels lived in and familiar, but the spacious panel layouts mean nothing every piece of information has room to breathe It's a clever use of space and art and the whole thing's as impressive as anyone[...]
Nostalgia Without The Time Travel – X-Men #1
I did. X-Men #1 by Brian Wood, Olivier Coipel, Mark Morales and Laura Martin is published by Marvel Comics today. When the new X-Men #1 was announced, one of the aspects that people noted was that, just like Uncanny X-Force and Fearless Defenders, it was another Marvel team book that featured just women in the lead[...]