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Charles Soule's Letter 44 In Talks To Be A Network TV Series
You know I like Letter 44, the new Oni Press book by Charles Soule and Alberto Alburquerque I talked about it here quite a lot. It's a comic about a secret conspiracy within the government and NASA that has launched a mission to make first contact with what is believed to be an alien race The[...]
Letter 44 #1 Sells Out 22,000 Print Run
Well, it was only a dollar. Oni Press has sold out of the first print run of Charles Soule and Alberto Jimenez Alberquerque's Letter 44. I rather liked it. Odds are there will be a second print No idea what that will cost. Shops should still have copies But possibly not for long. Did you get your copy? [...]
Reprint Review: Letter 44 – You Should Buy This For A Dollar
Today sees the official publication of Letter 44, the new comic by Charles Soule, Alberto Jiminez Alburquerque and Guy Major, from Oni Press It costs a dollar for the first issue There is no one reading this who should not pick up a copy Here's what I said last month… Bleeding Cool has been following the[...]
Letter 44 – The New Saga?
But it's not the only book he's launching in October. Because, he's written Letter 44 coming out from Oni Press in October. I've just read the damn thing and it is wonderful.Such a high concept I'm expecting Jerry Bruckenheimer to option it the second it hits the stand A cast of characters as compelling and gripping as[...]
San Diego Debut: Letter 44 By Charles Soule And Alberto Jimenez Alberquerque From Oni
Title: Letter 44 Creator: Charles Soule and Alberto Jimenez Alberquerque Publisher: Oni Pitch: The debut of the new ongoing series by hot writer Charles Soule (Swamp Thing, Thunderbolts)! 150 million miles from Earth, a group of intrepid astronauts have ventured forth to greet an extraterrestrial force, but are they friend or foe? In the cold vacuum of space,[...]