Sneak Peeks From Batman Live!

Here's a look at the Batmobile from the upcoming Batman Live! worldwide arena tour And here's his driver...There's an interview with the Batmobile designer here, with the full unveiling And a video confrontation with The Joker and his crew...The show focuses on Robin’s quest for justice, following his hero Batman, to the disgust of his[...]

Our Favourite Batman Live! Auditions

I met this friendly pair in Orbital Comics picking up my Fantastic Four #537 earlier today.They'd been to the Batman Live! auditions earlier, auditioning for the touring Batman show kicking off later this year And they'd been there with several hundred other people Here are a few in costume...Oh and a video too!I met[...]

Open Audition For Batman Live! Cosplay Alert!

The Batman Live! stage show is holding an open audition for its lead roles, those of Batman, Robin, Catwoman, The Joker and Harley Quinn.And those auditions are being held on the morning of Tuesday 25th in the West End of London.I'm so going to have to get down there with a camera.Here is the casting[...]