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Designing Lockjaw For 'Inhumans: Once And Future Kings' Back-Up Strips
As shown to the crowd at the Cup O' Joe panel at San Diego Comic-Con by Marvel CCO Joe Quesada and friends, our first look at the designs behind the currently hottest Marvel comics character Lockjaw, as he will appear in the upcoming Inhumans: Once And Future Kings back-up strips by Gustavo Duarte. INHUMANS ONCE FUTURE KINGS #1 (W) Christopher[...]
Speculator Corner: Digging Up The First Lockjaw Solo Comic
As Spawn #1 gets a bit of a speculator bump with the news that Todd McFarlane is writing and directing a movie version of the comic, the other big hit of San Diego Comic-Con is Lockjaw The trailer for The Inhumans, while mocked for Medusa's hair, has ignited a love for the Inhuman dog. Lockjaw's first appearance[...]
Inhumans Panel: Special Lenses And Medusa Putting Maximus In His Place
It was off to a good start when Jeph Loeb walked out in a big red wig and asked why everyone was making such a big deal about it. This but Jeph Loeb He went into information by revealing that the television reairing of the IMAX Inhumans debut will have new footage, which he described as a "variant cover." He continued[...]
The Inhumans' Lockjaw Makes His Comic-Con Debut
Lockjaw of The Inhumans is posing for pictures The giant plush figure is part of a deal with Snapchat to unlock a special filter There also appears to be a smaller, plush version at the show, as you can see in the image posted by Marvel I want one of them! The Inhumans will be premiering[...]
Funko Inhumas Lockjaw Plush 2
I will have to get at least three of these for when my daughter is done squeezing the life out of the it. The pet and escort to the Inhumans is now joining the Funko family! Lockjaw, the massive, teleporting bulldog is now a soft and adorable 5 " plushie. Having the ability to teleport himself and others, Lockjaw is the[...]
Uncanny Inhumans #11 Hits $21 For First Mosaic – But Not The Death of Lockjaw
But because eBay sellers are also promising the death of Lockjaw. Successfully selling copies for up to $21 for the standard version. Up to $65 for the Civil War Reenactment variant cover. And up to $157 for the 1:25 version. Except… and I hope this doesn't need spoilers… but the comic does not feature the death of Lockjaw. Okay, now[...]
Will Lockjaw Be Marvel's Next Rocket Raccoon?
Marvel have registered the trademark for the word "Lockjaw" for all sorts of things. Education, entertainment, and online services, Action figures and accessories therefor; card games; balloons; bean bag dolls; toy building blocks; collectable toy figures; hand-held units for playing electronic games other than those adapted for use with an external display screen or monitor; hand-held units for[...]