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A Comic Show – With Outcast, Low, Sandman, And Bodies, Who Needs Heroes?
Rememder's Low #1 is an optimistic look at his brand of dystopian sci-fi, and three out of the four main characters are female Go Rick, Go! Show all the haters what you got! Letter 44 by Charles Soule is out in collection with a beautifully designed cover. Vertigo has another issue of Sandman: Overture, it's worth[...]
Talking New Image Book Low And The Futility of Existence With Rick Remender
By Emily Dare Wednesday sees the long-anticipated release of Rick Remender and Greg Tocchini's new title from Image Comics:  Low.  Several months ago I had the chance to sit down with Rick and grill him about Low's origins and inspirations. Emily Dare:  You've mentioned earlier that Low was bringing out your "most Dungeon Master side" is Dungeons[...]
BC Mag #2: 2013 Hilights
Bleeding Cool Magazine article by Rich Johnston Every new year brings out the brightest and the breeziest in comic books, creators, and publishers.