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Riverdale season 2
In one of Madelaine Petsch's most stunning moments, she wipes away a single tear, descends the grand Blossom home staircase, walks nonchalantly by her dad…and delivers a helluva line "You did a bad thing, Daddy And now everyone knows." // Madelaine Petsch and Lili Reinhart as Cheryl and Betty Petsch stealing the entire series aside, Riverdale is[...]
Riverdale Fans Rejoice! Kevin Keller Will Have Bigger Role Next Season
Casey Cott in Riverdale Next season of Riverdale may be getting an extra dose of fabuolousness it seems, as Kevin Keller actor Casey Cott has been upgraded to a series regular! With all the 'extra' being served by Cheryl Blossom (Madelaine Petsch) this season, it will be nice to see Kevin Keller get a little more in[...]
Archie Shows Off New Poster For 'Riverdale' Season Finale
For some of us it wasn't terribly shocking, but it was disturbing and sad. Madelaine Petsch stole the show as Cheryl Blossom last night, and in this new promo poster for Riverdale she may soon become to central focus of the show. Regardless of what happens next week, we'll all be left hanging until the next season[...]
#PollyCooperKilledMyBrother: Riverdale Episode 7
Madelaine Petsch is nothing short of terrific Once the Blossom's learn that Polly is pregnant with Jason's child, Cheryl does what any loving aunt would do; protect that baby from the crazy that is almost every parent in Riverdale Especially the Coopers and Blossoms Cheryl is still more of an outsider to our core group,[...]
Gothic Heroine: Riverdale Episode 5
For starters, there are some skeletons hidden deep in all of their closets, though I'm willing to give Cheryl (Madelaine Petsch) the benefit of the doubt Her Alice Cooper level insane mother is clearly an abusive prick set on controlling Cheryl at all costs It's nice to see that Cheryl is trying to break these[...]
The Secret To Cheryl Blossom… Riverdale's Lead Villain
Madelaine Petsch plays Cheryl Blossom, the resident bad girl on the CW's new series Riverdale Cheryl is an interesting character in that she is the Queen B of the school but at the same time she's just had this horrible tragedy happen Her brother Jason is murdered and she wants to know why Petsch talks[...]
Madelain Petsch On Cheryl Blossom, The Mean Girl And Villain Of Riverdale
You can't have a show like the new Riverdale without a bad girl, and in this case the instigator is Cheryl Blossom played by Madelaine Petsch She was introduced in the comics to make the love triangle between Archie / Betty / Veronica even more strained… but her she is the mean girl that does[...]