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Zeroing In On Magnus: Robot Fighter – Van Lente Talks The Special Issue
I really had a distinct vision for it from the get-go and that fact so many folks have responded well to it is particularly gratifying. BB: Is it hard to consistently tie the ol' FVL humor into the futuristic drama of Magnus? FVL: It's hard not to! I keep trying to be a quote-unquote serious, gritty writer but[...]
Fred Van Lente's Writer Commentary On The New Magnus Robot Fighter #2
Fred Van Lente writes a lovely little writer's commentary on the recent relaunch from Dynamite, Magnus Robot Fighter #2… read his issue 1 commentary here first! Page 1: Continuing the Landmarks-of-North-America motif, the Correctional prison is housed in a replica of the Sears Tower in Chicago (or whatever corporate entity owns it now). Page 2: The idea that "bleep" evolved into an[...]
Magnus Robot Fighter #1 For March – And How Long Until A Valiant Crossover?
Here comes Magnus Robot Fighter #1 from Dynamite Entertainment, out in March. (W) Fred Van Lente (A) Cory Smith (CA) Gabriel Hardman THE GOLD KEY UNIVERSE IS EXPANDING! Superstar Fred Van Lente (Marvel Zombies, Amazing Spider-Man, Archer & Armstrong) and the astounding Cory Smith (Fathom) present a stunning re-imagining of Magnus: Robot Fighter you never saw coming![...]