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I confess that Marrow won my vote Even if Marvel Comics really needs to sort out the creative credits for her But it seems that she and Armor are both out of the running for a member of the X-Men. A couple of months ago, Bleeding Cool broke the Marvel news that people were going to[...]
Smear Campaign Begins Already For X-Men Election
Can he really be a full-time X-Men representative when he is light years away? In both body and heart? Credit: Marvel Comics Talking about hearts, former Morlock, Sarah Rushman, better known as Marrow, whose healing factor and overactive bone structure lets her create her own weapons, has one hell of a dark past being dug up by[...]
X-Men: Blue #7 Review: Let's Just Tear Up The X-Men
Marrow…well, that one's a bit weird, because she comes from an underground civilization of hated mutants But sure, whatever. Havok is a classically styled hero, despite whatever happened to him at the end of IvX Wolfsbane was a New Mutant Firestar was an Avenger This is so hard to swallow, and it doesn't make these characters[...]