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Geoff Johns Brings Tomar-Re To Show And Tell

In the current issue of the Green Lantern comic, Geoff Johns has written some commentary to accompany the above image of Corps. member, Tomar-Re, as he'll appear in the upcoming movie. I think he looks like David Bowie's fish monkey bird.* We saw Mr. Re (is that right?) in the trailer, but this image is […]

Green Lantern Movie Images – Including First Look At REDACTED Parallax?

Here's a rapid roundup of some Green Lantern images to have made it online in the last few days – including what might well be our first look at the movie version of Parallax. Or not. First up, here's a poster-type image that was released to support the trailer. You can click through on that […]

A Little Bleeder Takes Umbrage At Messages Hidden On The Green Lantern Website

If Hal Jordan is the first human ever selected, I guess that "Pipe" AKA Alan Scott from the leaked draft of the screenplay didn't make the cut.I might be trying to find clues where there aren't any, but I thought I'd mention it nevertheless. Anything else squeezed between those lines, do you think?The first Green Lantern teaser isn't too[...]

Writer Announced For Green Lantern 2

Let's see if Warners commit the classic "Bond bungle" and don't tie down Martin Campbell for the follow up.Oh - and yes, I couldn't make any slicker-looking Green Lantern 2 artwork, so I just cropped that image to get a 2 out of the Lantern Corps logo and another lurking in the bottom right corner[...]

First Green Lantern Video Gives Us A Behind-the-Scenes Tour

They've let the ABC cameras onto the set of Martin Campbell's Green Lantern, and the result is one of those news-show packages that concerns itself with such stuff we hardcore geeks can hardly care about.Nonetheless, it's worth watching for a quick look at a scene being filmed between all of the blah.The report was[...]