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Marvels X #1 [Preview]
Marvels X #1 launches from Marvel Comics next week, a prequel to Marvels, by Kurt Busiek, Jim Krueger, and Well-Bee, and we've got a preview below. In the preview, our protagonist, David, is trying to enjoy his Marvel superhero action figures, but his parents are being dicks about it. It seems they're more interested in what's happening[...]
Alex Ross, Jim Krueger Well-Bee Create Earth X Prequel, Marvels X
Telling the story of how the Earth got into that state. Marvels X by Alex Ross, Jim Krueger and Velibor Stanojevic – better known as Well-Bee – will be published by Marvel as a 6 issue series, taking both branding from Earth X and the Marvels series by Ross and Busiek from which Earth X was inspired[...]