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This Live-Action Metroid Fan Made Shot Film Is Pretty Rad
I've never been a huge fan of Metroid, the series missing my circulations when I was younger, but its cultural significance is not lost on me The reveal of Samus being a woman still as relevance today, and the game is certainly a Nintendo fan favourite I totally 'get' the attraction. Well, this new 'fan' film based[...]
Nintendo Boss Says He Can't 'Sugar Coat' Negative E3 Reaction
A lot of fans were particularly annoyed that the company took IPs that people had been begging for new releases in the main line series and spun them off into something else. The prime example, (no pun intended) was Metroid When Nintendo announced Metroid Prime: Federation Force, fans who'd been asking for a new main game were[...]
Retro Con 2014: Bleeding Cool Brings You Donuts & Interviews With Multiple Time Traveling Devices
Joe cosplay group The Finest. *Photo stolen from Facebook, mine didn't look great.* Jared Cornelius: What do The Finest do? Scarlett J: We're a G.I.Joe and Cobra costuming club, we appear at conventions, we fundraise for charity, sometimes we do Free Comic Book Day events, but we basically appear at cons in costume.  We were recently in the Dragon* Con parade down in Atlanta, we had a big representation down[...]