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How The Corpse Of General Zod Was Made

The folks at Studio ADI were tasked with creating the realistic looking corpse of General Zod (Michael Shannon) in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice The corpse ended up playing a huge part in the film and had to be believable The video below shows the step back step creation of the body from casting[...]

Michael Shannon Protects His Extraordinary Son In Midnight Special Trailer

In the trailer for Warner Bros.'s upcoming Midnight Special, Michael Shannon plays a father protecting his son from forces who mistrust his extraordinary abilities What are they? The preview doesn't say, but the film reunites Shannon with Take Shelter director Jeff Nichols, who looks to be confronting the fantastic in a startling way.[youtube]https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8UU_CC81aGM[/youtube]Midnight Special opens on[...]

Michael Shannon Walks Back Batman V Superman Comments

So a few weeks back, actor Michael Shannon made comments about his role as General Zod in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice While talking with Vulture, he said, "I was in my costume, and I couldn’t use my fingers because in the sequel I have flippers instead of hands." The internet quickly speculated the[...]

Jake Paltrow's Young Ones Gets A French Trailer

A father, Michael Shannon (Man of Steel), tries to protect his farm from bandits and work his land His daughter, Elle Fanning (Maleficent), has a boyfriend, Nicholas Hoult (X-Men: First Class), who wants the land for himself and will do anything to get it.This is the French trailer, but it's in English and gives a good feel[...]

The New Zod Won't Be Asking Anyone To Kneel But I'm Pretty Happy About That

I see some folk around the internet have been a little disappointed to learn that when General Zod appears in Man of Steel next summer, he won't be doing everything that Superman 2's version of the character did.Or, to be more specific, Michael Shannon has let slip that to VH1 his version of the character[...]

New Trailer For Joseph Gordon-Levitt's Action Thriller, Premium Rush

There's not really anything new in this trailer for Premium Rush, though the first edit was relatively little-watched and you might charitably call this a tighter version.This thing will likely stand or fall by how much Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Michael Shannon are allowed to work their magic At the top of their game, these two[...]

Michael Shannon Is His Usual Scary Self In The First Poster For The Iceman

Michael Shannon takes the title role of a mob hitman reputed to have killed over a hundred while keeping his activities secret from his family.Just take a look at him in this first poster for the pic.The man has presence.Also in the cast are Ray Liotta, Chris Evans Winona Ryder and, disconcertingly, David Schwimmer.I don't[...]

Everybody's Talkin': Check Out Some Avengers and General Zod Dialogue

Michael Shannon was chatting with MTV about his role as the Kryptonian General in Man of Steel when he promised "some cool speeches." Shannon then said that he couldn't quote any now, before apparently falling quiet (I can tell you first hand, this man is an artist with silence) and then breaking the tension with: Do[...]

Michael Shannon On Take Shelter And, For Just A Second, The Man Of Steel

It's not a surprise that Michael Shannon can carry a motion picture, but he shoulders the considerable dramatic weight of Take Shelter with such ease, with so little apparent effort, that his performance might be taken a little for granted Perhaps we're getting used to Shannon now, after he burned a hole through Revolutionary Road,[...]

Zack Snyder's Zod Seems To Be A Motion Capture Creation

How distinctive is Michael Shannon's head shape? Would you know it anywhere? Would you know it from back over his shoulder?A new set-snap from The Man of Steel shooting in Plano, Illinois appears to show Shannon, who is playing General Zod I suppose seeing where he is exactly sort of constitutes a spoiler At least[...]

Is This The Officially Registered Plot Premise For The Man Of Steel?

A lot of the data and information on movies that ends up online and in print seems to have its roots in The Baseline Studio System. Once upon a time, in the misty history of 2009, back when nobody knew what the Shyamalan-scripted Devil was going to be about, I found its "top secret synopsis" […]

Michael Shannon Officially Cast As Zod In New Superman Movie, Man Of Steel

Michael Shannon will be playing General Zod in the new Superman movie, which has now been officially referred to Man of Steel for the very first time.Not Superman: Man of Steel, just Man of Steel.Zack Snyder explains his casting choice thus: Zod is not only one of Superman’s most formidable enemies, but one of the most[...]

Next Potential Superman Villain: Michael Shannon

Mxyzptlk will be the villain, we're being tickled by a whole run of rumours about who will have the role.The latest, and greatest, is that Michael Shannon is in the frame This is according to Deadline, simply reporting that "there is interest" in the actor.If Shannon does get the part, I'm hoping said part is[...]