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Funko Talespin and Friends Collage
All of these are based on classic episodes of the show, from the '80s episodes to Monica an her various hairstyles A Target exclusive with a turkey on her head will also be available Of these, the funniest one is The One Where Joey Wears All of Chandler's Clothes These hit in August. Check them all[...]
This Is What A Half-Million-Selling American Comic Book Looks Like
When you have something like Teen Monica's Gang being printed in Brazil Issue 34 here, united two popular characters in a kiss, and added 100,000 sales, bringing it to a total of 500,000. The comic sold out Normally it only sells 400,000… Why do I care? Because it's one of the bigger publishers in the USA making[...]
Wednesday Runaround – Is It Batgirl? Or Is It Karen Gillan?
RedundancyWatch: As MTV Splashpage lets Rick Marshall go as editor-in-chief, he posts a picture of his empty desk… HalfMillenialWatch: Brazilian comic book Monica's Gang reaches 500 issues. Without a relaunch in sight. ScotWatch: Next Monday at 10pm on BBC Two Scotland only (accessible through Sky.FreeSat/iPlayer to the rest of the UK), Artworks Scotland. Scottish writers Mark Millar, Grant[...]