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This Dredd Motion Poster Will Growl At You

Judge Dredd is to have quite the presence at Comic-Con next week. Good, really, because the place has been somewhat overrun by fatties in the past – or maybe that was just my hotel room. To promote his Con appearances, stoney Joe has posed for this motion poster. Is that really Karl Urban under the […]

Animated Poster For Frankenweenie Is A Lot More Stop Than Motion

Tim Burton has taken his live-action short, Frankenweenie and expanded it into a stop-motion feature. The events of the original will comprise the first act and then, later, things will get more… epic. I'm looking forward to seeing the first trailer for the film, and finding out how much they're going to give away. It […]

The Hunger Games Motion Poster – UPDATED With Still One Too

The motion poster is a peculiar thing. Maybe it will one day replace many normal posters in the corridors of cinemas across the world, but until we're all living in Minority Report (yeuch) the best and probably only place to see a motion poster is on the internet. Yahoo have one for The Hunger Games, […]