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Tales Of Bravery In Mouse Guard: Legends Of The Guard Vol. 3 #2
For those of you who don't know, Mouse Guard creator David Petersen has brought a number of other writers/illustrators onto his team for Mouse Guard: Legends of the Guard Volume 3 The volume gathers the mice together at a tavern in normal fashion, as they swap stories about their adventures The incentive; the mouse with[...]
ECCC '15: Mouse Guard Celebrates 10 Years With A Foot Squared Hardcover Of Art
Announced at ECCC at the 10 Years of Mouse Guard panel came the news that in July, Archaia will publish through Boom! Studios, an oversized hardcover collecting ten years of Mouse Guard art by David Petersen, including work by Mike Mignola, Stan Sakai, Bill Willingham and more, in The Art Of Mouse Guard 2005-2015. One foot by one[...]
Skottie Young Does Mouse Guard – First Peek!
The final orders for Archaia and David Petersen's Mouse Guard: Legends of the Guard Vol 3 #1 are due on Monday. Archaia state that if orders hit 10,000 by then, a 1:10 cover by Eric Muller will be unlocked. Currently orders are at around 8000. In an attempt to try and goose that number a little, here are the first[...]
Free Comic Book Day Mouse Guard Hardcover In Full – For Free
The FCBD 2014 Mouse Guard 56 page hardcover from Archaia was allocated, as you may have noticed eBay certainly has, its a twelve dollar book. But now, courtesy of Bleeding Cool, you can read the whole thing for free, below, including a new Farscape story that might indicate a whole new future for that project… [...]
Maxx's Super Awesome Comic Review Show – Free Comic Book Day Special Edition!
Joe #0 Marvel Comics: Guardians Of The Galaxy Archaia: Mouse Guard, Labyrinth, and Other Stories DC Comics: The New 52 Future's End #0 A special thank you to Bleeding Cool for supporting our little endeavor, it means the world to us! Maxx's Super Awesome Comic Review Show returns to Bleeding Cool, recorded at the one and only Astro-Zombies Comic[...]
Free Comic Book Day Preview: Boom And Archaia –  Adventure Time To Mouse Guard
First, for the kiddies… we have the  kaboom Summer Blast 2014 An explosion of All-Ages awesomeness from KaBOOM! this Free Comic Book Day! Sure to be one of the most popular offerings this Free Comic Book Day, the KaBOOM! Summer Blast is 48 pages chock-full of the most popular all-ages comics on the stands today! Featuring[...]
Mouse Guard HC Heavily Allocated For Free Comic Book Day
Diamond Comic Distributors recently informed retailers of the Free Comic Book Day comics they could still add orders to, and of those that had all their numbers filled. But also that one of the books was going to have to be allocated so that each retailer would only receive a certain percentage of their order. And it's[...]
Mouse Guard: Legends of the Most Dedicated Creative Team of All Time
Elizabeth Heyman wrote for Bleeding Cool from NYCC When I first sat down at this past weekend's "The Year of Mouse Guard" panel, I did not at all expect to sit through a slideshow of perfectly accurate to scale models of all the mythical locations from the series That's not to say that I was disappointed[...]
Twenty-Three Thoughts About Twenty-Three Comics – Infinity, Love Stories (To Die For), X-Factor, Superior Foes Of Spider-Man, God Is Dead, Uber, Batman Black And White, X-Men Legacy, The Creeper, Satellite Sam, Sheltered, Chew, Witchblade, Baltimore, Garfield, Mouse Guard, Suicide Risk, Catalyst, Shadowman, Quantum & Woody, Hit, Deathmatch And The Star Wars
Not like I'd want to try any of them, but come on, stiff upper lip , and all that! The Marvel Universe may be cracking up under the strain of time travel but so, it seems, is Garfield's world… Mouse Guard plays on the heart strings rather Not only is someone clinging on for dear life, but[...]
Archaia Entertainment – The Year of Mouse Guard And Weasel War Is Coming
Bex Cook and Dan Oakley write for Bleeding Cool: Moderated by Mel Caylo and featuring Mouse Guard creator and driving force David Petersen and contributors Eric Canete and Jeremy Bastion, the Archaia panel began with a brief history of the Mouse Guard comics David then proceeded to show some images of the highly detailed models he[...]
Would You Pay $3000 For The Very First Mouse Guard Sketchbook?
Wikipedia says that the first Mouse Guard published comic was in 2005 But it's not A sketchbook was published in 2004 for Motor City Comic Con Petersen talks about it here; I printed 2 versions of the same book through my home printer One was 1 character wide and rather tall, the other (after realizing it[...]