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Matthew Rosenberg
Here is how the panel is described on the site: Welcome to the X-Men panel…hope you survive the experience! The X-Men have been catapulted back to the forefront of the Marvel Universe, and there's still more to come! Join Editor-in-Chief Axel Alonso and creators Ed Brisson (Cable, Old Man Logan), Matthew Rosenberg (Secret Warriors), and Charles[...]
Welcome To Marvel Future Fight, X-Men… Hope You Survive The Experience!
Launched in 2015, the mobile game frequently adds new characters and storylines, but this time, the characters are mutants Specifically, Storm and Cyclops will be joining the game as playable characters, as revealed by the game's official Twitter account: — Marvel Future Fight (@Marvel_FFightUS) May 25, 2017 The DNA has been identified as mutant[...]
The Past Is Prologue: X-Men Gold #1 Review
For so long, the X-Men books have been about survival, which has not worked well with the core allegory of mutants and what the X-Men are Finally, this book is less about survival, and more about living. [rwp-review-ratings id="0"] [rwp-review-form id="0"] [rwp-review-recap id="0"] Cover Art by Ardian Syaf, Jay Leisten & Laura Martin Last week may have been the[...]
The X-Men Return To Hope: X-Men Prime Review
[rwp-review-recap id="0"] Cover by Ardian Syaf With both the X-Men and Inhuman parts of the Marvel Universe coming into ResurrXion after the dark times (for the mutants at least) of Inhumans vs X-Men, Marvel's decision to prime the audience for what's to come with the aptly named Prime issues for both parties seemed a pretty good one[...]
Well, That Was Quick – Inhumans vs X-Men #2 Review
X-Men, is onto it's second series…and already one side has won. Writers Charles Soule and Jeff Lemire move the siege of New Attilan along at break neck pace, as the X-Men literally storm the castle and take out the Inhumans so they can focus on getting rid of the last Terrigen cloud and making Earth safe[...]
What If… Apocalypse's New Horsemen Were Rather Unexpected? (Semi-Spoilers)
The other three are not. I know Axel Alonso likes dismiss the conspiracy theories, but when not even the four Horsemen of the Apocalypse are all mutants, you have to wonder. At least they aren't Inhumans though… maybe it's time to grow up. Okay, that is a spoiler. We are about to get a new Apocalypse Wars crossover[...]
Secrets Of The Marvel Universe, Revealed – Mutants, Inhumans And More (Spoilers)
Running through his recent memories… we discover what happened to the mutants of Germany that put him in a spin.     Nightcrawler is now a German holocaust survivor… while in Uncanny Inhumans…  Yeah, good luck with that, Medusa You've got a pit in Germany stuffed with mutant corpses Though people are working on another… hopefully less final solution. With[...]
Tales from the Four Color Closet: The Inhuman Problem
By Joe Glass As the prominence of the Inhumans and decline of mutants visibility has been seen more and more at Marvel comics of late, many have talked about problems with going in that direction and seeing the mutants going through yet another decimation of their numbers and facing extinction. However, few have touched on an element[...]