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Today In Pop Culture For June 19: Carol King, TNA Debut, Bungie, Mulan, Garfield, And More!

The title was vacant because champion Dan Severn had a scheduling conflict and could not make the event. Today in Bleeding Cool history: In 2013 we learned how a Marvel omnibus can land you in the hospital.Today's birthdays include Lou Gehrig athlete (1903), Nancy Marchand actress (1928), Edward "Wahoo" McDaniel professional wrestler (1938), Kathleen Turner actress (1954), Paula Abdul musician (1962), Robin Tunney actress (1972), Hugh Dancy actor (1975), and Zoe Saldana actress (1978).[gallery columns="2" size="medium" ids="668404,668406,668414,668401,668408,668410,668398,668415"]Sadly, we also[...]