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Flight of the Conchords Director Taika Waititi In Thor: Ragnarok Talks

No doubt Natalie Portman and Stellan Skarsgaard will be back to science up some scenes I just hope Kat Dennings will be back as well.The Thor movies have not been my favorites of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, though I like Hemsworth as Thor a great deal The scenes of Thor adjusting to Earth are always[...]

Drolling For Clicks – How The Revealed Identity Of Thor Makes Sense

While it was very subtle, even my non-comic reading boyfriend/ now fiancé saw exactly what I saw: Dauterman drew the new Thor to look like actress Natalie Portman Go, check it out…especially the cover to Thor #1 There’s even a random, inconsequential flake of…something floating on the cheek of her helmet, mimicking where Ms[...]

New Clip From Thor: The Dark World, Featuring Chris O'Dowd

This new clip from Thor: The Dark World, which premièred at Buzz Sugar, features Natalie Portman, Chris O'Dowd and Kat Dennings and, aside from the issue with the 'Ziggy' gadget that Dennings brings up, plays pretty much like a scene from a romantic comedy.Thor: The Dark World is out in the UK on the 30th of October[...]

New Image From Thor 2 Reminds Us That It's Not All About Men With Beards

I'm not sure I was left entirely satisfied with the treatment of the female characters in 2011's Thor.In some ways Natalie Portman's Jane Foster was as important a protagonist as Chris Hemsworth's Thor but there was something a little mechanical about the way in which her character was written.I never really bought how quickly she fell[...]

The Pride And Prejudice And Zombies Movie Is Still Happening

The odd thing is that, for all of it's influence, it's a film that never actually got made.At one point, the movie was set to star Natalie Portman, who then opted for only a producer's credit on the film David O Russell wrote a screenplay that was rewritten a couple of times over, though this new[...]

Furious Love – Martin Scorsese To Direct The Love Story Of Liz Taylor And Richard Burton

Paramount Pictures and Scorsese have optioned Furious Love, a book by Sam Kashner and Nancy Schoenberger, beating off the considerable competition of Oscar winners Natalie Portman and The King's Speech screenplay writer David Seidler Producers Julie Yorn, Gary Foster, Russ Krasnoff and Scorsese have also signed a rights deal with Sally Hay Burton, Richard Burton's[...]

Thor Review: Let's Talk Details

After all, he’s not just some psycho with chivvied-up cheeks – he’s The God Of Mischief.Natalie Portman is ravishing as Jane Foster – now an astrophysicist rather than a nurse – and it’s easy to see why Thor might be charmed by her It’s less easy to see why she might go for Thor[...]

Your Highness, Ed's Review, My Pleasure

Nevertheless it’s hard to keep a straight face when a faux serious Natalie Portman delivers lines like, “It’s been burning in my beaver” - that’s her desire for revenge, incidentally - or McBride’s inner monologue intruding on his metaphor to produce, “it’s the cold air licking your tits”.The word fuck appears so many times it’s[...]

Open The Bifröst! New Thor Footage Hits Earth

We'll get to see Natalie Portman, Chris Hemsworth, Anthony Hopkins in Thor in 36 days, according to the counter on In the meantime, check out this scene from early in the flick:We'll get to see Natalie Portman, Chris Hemsworth, Anthony Hopkins in Thor in 36 days, according to the counter on[...]

Thor Gets Some British Posters

British posters for Kenneth Branagh's Thor? That's outrageous. He's Norse. Norse, I tell you. Whatever next – Black folks in Asgard? Oh, good. Panic over. See Thor in the second poster there? Seems that he's having his own version of the Nuremberg rally. All is well in the world again. Thanks, Empire. (Pun intended)

You Can See Some New Thor Footage If You Don't Care What Language He's Speaking

He's big, he's tough, he's a god… and he's a fluent French speaker. It makes no less sense than him speaking English, of course. Apart from the fact that he's in America. And the words don't match his lip movements. [youtube][/youtube] Thanks to CineComics for the tip-off.

New Thor Trailer Tries A New Angle

I almost wanted the headline to this story to be: Ano-Thor Thor Trail-Thor For Thor-sday Night But then I got over myself. This latest trailer for Thor starts on the "cute earthlings find beefy alien" angle, then quickly moves into "cute earthlings find beefy alien charming", and then into "the alien seems to come from […]