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I've Just Read Diane Ruggiero-Wright's Script For The US Remake Of Misfits
The characters are the same, even down to the names, Nathan still a gobshite joker, Kelly still an aggressive chav, Simon still a quiet perving freak, Curtis – now a college footballer rather than a sprinter, Alisha is Alicia, pretty much the same party girl but from a Christian evangelical family. And we have Syd instead of[...]
Robert Sheehan And Sarah Alexander To Star In New Moffat-Related Sitcom, Me And Mrs Jones
Hartswood Films, run by Steven Moffat's mother-in-law Beryl Vertue and wife Sue Vertue, and producer of Moffat's Sherlock Holmes, Coupling and Jekyll, has a new comedy show for BBC1, Me And Mrs Jones. It stars Sarah Alexander (Susan in Coupling), Neil Morrissey from Men Behaving Badly (another Hartswood production) as well as Nathaniel Parker of Merlin[...]
Misfits Nathan Won't Leave Las Vegas
So, as we reported yesterday, Robert Sheehan is now a superstar, so Nathan is leaving superpowered comedy drama Misfits before the third series starts, to be replaced with a new character, Ruby, still to be cast. We'll get a goodbye to Nathan from Misfits writer Howard Overman in an online-exclusive short film for broadcasters E4. And, naturally,[...]
The Great Misfits Conspiracy Of 2010
So who is he? Well, the first episode has Nathan confess to the group that it's him Before laughing and giving us an "obviously not!" Which would be rather poignant if it turns out it is him, time travelling back "to put right what once went wrong" There is a time traveller in the group, Curtis, but[...]