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Kofi Kingston Reveals The New Day are Getting a Graphic Novel at SDCC
But now in the greatest accolade in their storied careers, WWE Superstar faction The New Day will become… a graphic novel! WWE Champion and New Day member Kofi Kingston arrived at BOOM!'s panel at San Diego Comic and dropped the bombshell news that The New Day are getting their own graphic novel in 2020[...]
Carrie Fisher Booty-Os
We laughed when, as part of their mourning of Carrie Fisher's 2016 death via the posting of literally dozens of clickbait articles, posted the article "WWE Stars React to the Tragic Death of Carrie Fisher." But it's who has the last laugh, because it turns out that clickbaiting jewel was more accurate than[...]
New Day Red Lanterns
New Day, the groups consisting of Kofi Kingston, Big E, and Xavier Woods, and as of this writing, the WWE Smackdown Tag Team Champions, are known for wearing some cool, very colorful ring gear, including Dragonball Z-styled gear. Well tonight at SummerSlam, they decided to go comic-themed, with the group coming out dressed in Red Lanterns-themed[...]
WWE Tag Champs New Day To Release Book Of Booty In 2017
Last night on WWE Monday Night Raw, The New Day became the longest reigning tag team champions in WWE history, beating a record previously set by Demolition, by winning two triple threat tag team matches in one night On the heels of that historic victory, the trio will release a book called "The Book of[...]