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Kickstarter Beats Hollywood And Stan Lee On New York Times Bestseller List

This week, Stan Lee's Romeo And Juliet: The War has debuted at No 7 on the New York Times graphic novel paperback charts.Two weeks ago, FUBAR Vol 2 debuted at No 6 on the New York Times graphic novel paperback charts.FUBAR Vol 2 was the result of a Kickstarter project in August 2011, raising $6000[...]

Numbercrunching The New York Times Bestseller List For Comics

DC has begun to close the gap between the two of late, but it is still rather large.But in bookstores it seems a little different.Take the New York Times bestseller list which helpfully provides top ten charts for comics, paperback or hardback I thought it would be a fun, if laborious task to go through[...]

Trailer For Page One: Inside The New York Times

In the beginning, it seemed that Page One, a documentary about a year inside The New York Times, was timed perfectly to capture the spectacular nosedive of the old Newspaper business model and the rocketing rise of its online rival, not to say replacement As it happens, Wikileaks really started to make waves part way[...]

Breaking News: Feminists Still Don't Get It by Kat Rocha

While the original reviewer, Gina Bellafante of the New York Times, seemed to have a problem grasping why women would like anything in the fantasy genre, what has moved me to write after so long was the review of Bellafante’s article, by Sarah Louise of Geek Girl on the Street.Sarah Louise is outraged by Bellafante’s[...]