The New Thundercats Cartoon &#8211 First Pic (UPDATE)

The New Thundercats Cartoon – First Pic (UPDATE)

From the London Toy Fair, taken under maximum security conditions, a first look at the new Thundercats cartoon...SECOND UPDATE: Second image added to the site Better image? Worse?UPDATE: We have more details... The character designs seem to be very anime-inspired, making them radically different to the originals However, it didn't give me the negative[...]

So They All Just Sat Around And Talked For An Issue. And I Loved It.

Or some such.But this week's issue of New Avengers was pretty much exactly this stereotype.The cast of New Avengers sitting around a table talking And then two of them interviewing for a nanny to look after their child No one hit anything No one stood up and carried the troops to action No one even[...]