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Next Batman #2
In The Next Batman #1, we discovered that the Fox family in the future-ish Batman have a rather complex life Lucius Fox, owner of the Wayne fortune has designed the technology behind The Magistrate, the Peacekeepers and the Cybers The technology that holds Gotham in a fascist grip, taking down any masked vigilantes with a[...]
Next Batman And Robin – Tim Fox, Damian Wayne Get Own DC Comics
DC Comics has started to let folk know about their April 2021 solicitations, showing how Tim Fox will become the Next Batman with the first series continuing from DC's Future State As well as Damian Wayne getting his first solo series and answering all those questions about what happened to him, after leaving the Robin[...]
The Next Batman #1 Spoilers
The Next Batman #1 is published today, for DC Future State, with its lead feature story featuring this new Batman revisiting some very familiar tropes, courtesy of 12 Years A Slave screenwriter John Ridley, Doom Patrol artist Nick Derington, colours by Tamra Bonvillian and letters by Clayton Cowles. Credit: DC Whether that be from The Dark Knight[...]
Death Metal #7 - First Appearance Of Yana Flor, Wonder Woman?
Many folks are planning on picking up Future State: Wonder Woman #1, out from DC Comics tomorrow, for the first appearance of Yara Flor, the new Brazilian Wonder Woman, who will appear as Wonder Girl from now on into the DC Omniverse. Many folks are also excited about Future State: The Next Batman featuring the first[...]
Future State Next Batman & Harley Quinn On Sale Now If You Know Where
Well, Twitter user Cobalsh has the pictures to prove it. Future State Next Batman & Harley Quinn Future State: The Next Batman #1 and Future State: Harley Quinn #1 Coming to a comic book store near you next week – or already there We won't tell if you won't. FUTURE STATE THE NEXT BATMAN #1 (OF 4) CVR[...]
DC Future State Gossip: Tim Fox, The Next Batman, What Of His Family?
Time to look at the Next Batman, Tim Fox and the rest of the Fox family, ahead of the DC Comics' Future State event, starting on Jan 6th 2021 Because DC Comics will be running a two-month event, Future State, looking at potential and possible futures for the DC Universe, their most prominent characters and[...]
First Next Batman Tim Fox Appearance, Batman, #313 $500 Sale On eBay
Or rather, the Next Batman, as part of the two-month Future State initiative in January and February Originally planned to replace Bruce Wayne permanently, as part of Dan DiDio's 5G, it has now been reduced to a two month "What If?" Nevertheless, it has given the character's first appearance a massive boost on eBay As[...]
DC Comics Confirms That Tim Fox Is The Next Batman
Not great for Batwing #19 speculation, but excellent for Batman #313 speculation, as first appearances go. Now DC Comics has confirmed that Tim Fox, the forgotten son of Lucius Fox until very recently, will be the Batman of the Next Batman mini-series Originally, this means he would have been the ongoing Batman, replacing Bruce Wayne as[...]
More Omnibuses Coming In September 2021 From Marvel and DC
And with The Next Batman featuring either Luke or Tim Fox as the Batman of the near future, so the entirety of the New 52 Batwing series in which he popped up from issue 19 onwards, is collected in Omnibus form for the first time Empyre also gets an Omnibus collecting the series and all[...]
A Better Look Under The Next Batman's Cowl For DC Future State
And a four-issue series, The Next Batman, for two months James Tynion IV was no longer killing off Batman – or the Joker, or Harley Quinn Instead he continued the series after #100 without a relaunch And Timothy Fox was introduced into the Batman comics, potentially offering another candidate for the Next Batman. However, we do[...]
Defund Batman - Joker Was Right, in Batman #101 (Spoilers)
And one of them may be the return of Timothy Fox. Today's Batman #101 comes even closer to suggesting that Timothy Fox is The Next Batman for 2021 But we'll have to see. BATMAN #101 JOKER WAR DC COMICS AUG202575 (W) James Tynion IV (A/CA) Guillem March A new day dawns in Gotham and the horrors of "The Joker War" are[...]
Will Batman Only Be Black For Two Months? The Next Batman...
The Next Batman. Future State: The Next Batman #1 by John Ridley, Nick Derington and Laura Braga In this future, Gotham City is controlled by the Magistrate This villainous regime has taken control of the city, now under constant surveillance All masked vigilantes have been outlawed and Batman has been killed But led by an all-new Batman,[...]