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Elle Fanning Is Dangerous In Trailer For The Neon Demon

In the trailer for Nicholas Winding Refn's The Neon Demon, Elle Fanning stars as Jesse, an aspiring model attempting to make it in Los Angeles But to survive the cannibalistic business, Jesse will have to become what her mother always said she was: dangerous.[youtube][/youtube]The Neon Demon opens in June.[...]

Ed Brubaker's Remake Of Maniac Cop To Announce Its Director At Cannes

Nicholas Winding Refn is producing the film and the screenplay has been written by Ed Brubaker.Here's the trailer for the original, directed by William Lustig and written by Larry Cohen I've always been quite fond of it.[youtube][/youtube]The new film's director will apparently be announced at Cannes, the better to hype the finances out company's pockets[...]

Skyfall Writers And Drive Director Bringing Back Barbarella

Back in 2008 the plan was for them get her back up on the big screen for producers Martha and Dino DeLaurentis.Then last summer, word got out that Nicholas Winding Refn was going to direct a new TV take on the character I assumed this would be a fresh start with only Martha DeLaurentis remaining from the last go[...]

Sequel For James Sallis' Drive Coming In The Spring

Nicholas Winding Refn's Drive has some genuine pleasures, but none of them seem particularly literary in nature Nevertheless, the film is an adaptation of a novel, and a greatly acclaimed one at that.James Sallis, the writer of Drive has now completed Driven, a sequel, and the first details have arrived at Lit Reactor (via Twitch)[...]

Animated Alternative Trailer For Drive

This is probably going to be a viral smash. And it's already a little bit Not Safe For Work. [vimeo][/vimeo] Note that it's not an official piece of marketing for the film, but was created by Bruno et Tom, and I have no idea why.

Actress Bobbi Starr Discusses Her Casting in Nicholas Winding Refn's Drive

How did bonafide porn performer Bobbi Starr end up with a breakthrough mainstream role alongside Ryan Gosling, Carey Mulligan and Christina Hendricks in Nicholas Winding Refn's crime drama Drive? Why, she was wondering the same thing: To be honest, I was wondering that same thing. See Told you But what did she do to find out? Upon my second[...]