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Christopher Pike) and Rebecca Romijn (Number One) will depart the popular series at the end of this season Based on sources close to production and first reported by Deadline Hollywood, both Mount and Romijn were signed to only one-season contracts – giving writers on the series the time to line up the current storyline with[...]
However, it looks like we are finally going to meet Captain Pike's first officer from the Enterprise, Number One While Majel Barrett portrayed Number One in the never-aired Star Trek: The Original Series pilot "The Cage," Rebecca Romijn will be taking over the role on Discovery. Rebecca Romijn as Number One Photo Cr: Michael Gibson/CBS © 2018 CBS[...]
Rebecca Romijn Grew up a Trekkie, Excited to be on 'Star Trek: Discovery'
Specifically, she'll be tackling the character of Number One, from the unaired original series pilot, "The Cage" featuring Jeffrey Hunter as Captain Christopher Pike and Majel Barrett his first officer, Number One. Just call me "Number One!" Honored to play such an iconic character in #StarTrek Canon originally played by the First Lady of Star Trek, Majel Barrett-Roddeberry![...]
Spotlight On Indie Comics: The 15 Best Of 2014 Edition
Number One written by Gary Scott Beatty (Seductions, Jazz: Cool Birth) with art by Aaron Warner (Adventures of Aaron) is nothing short of a masterpiece It is the story of how a boy's passion for stories drew him into a career as an comic shop owner and how his earnest love for others helps him[...]